Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Wishful Drinking / Thanksgiving

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Actually, even if we DO get the wishbone this year (unlikely, since we zero in on the turkey wings) we wouldn’t make the wish above. Rather, we’d make a wish to do away with liberalism, thereby getting everyone on the same page about doing good for others, rather than just whining that someone else should be forced to do good for others.

But hopefully, politics won’t even come up at our Thanksgiving gathering or yours. Because even if there’s no one at the table wearing a pussy hat, political discussion will do nothing to improve the meal or the day – and will in fact distract from the very important business of giving thanks. If you must argue about something, let it be about something relevant to the day – like whether or not oysters belong in stuffing (spoiler alert: they don’t. Oysters belong in a tightly-wrapped Kleenex.)

Here in the Jarlsberg family, we have a lot to be thankful for this year. Daughter J got a great new place to live and an outstanding new job working with kids, which she has an absolute gift for. She’s doing great.

The whole family is in reasonably good health (hey, you can’t expect perfection from old people), and we have friends (including you!), extended family, and a Good Dog.

Let’s see, we’re also thankful that at least a little of our retirement account wasn’t in high-tech stocks, since they’ve been the Acupulco cliff divers of our portfolio lately. Landing on the rocks, for that matter, their screams cut short by splatters.

Oops, sorry – we lost our gratitude thread there for a moment. Where were we? Oh yeah…

We remain deeply grateful for this wonderful country, and the military personnel (present and past) who’ve secured our liberties. We similarly give thanks to the first responders who put their lives on the line for all of us every day, especially in times of huge national disasters.

We can’t say that we’re thankful for every ill-formed thought that pops out of the President’s mouth, but can say that we remain thankful – and delighted – that his words continue to cause absolute agony to those on the Left. And yes, we’re saying that with a rakish grin.

Here’s hoping that you all enjoy whatever Thanksgiving festivities, traditions, or observances you take part in – however large or small. The act of taking time to think about our many blessings and express gratitude is a great antidote to the transitory annoyances of the daily news.
And just to close things out, here’s a little dose of perspective from our dear friend Johnny Optimism…

NOTE: There won’t be a new post on Friday, because we’re going to be chilling. Or perhaps elbowing our way through the crowds at the doorbuster sales. Either way, we’ll be back Monday!