By Wayne Wickizer / Columnist at Utah Standard News / Sept 7, 2019

We are a David vs. Goliath story that we hope the Nation reads, hears and sees! 

We have taken on all Utah Office Holders individually and collectively for being on the take from Special Interests.  

Here’s a sample: Sean Reyes is the Utah Attorney General and Stuart Adams is Utah’s Senate President along with other Utah State Senators and Representatives who are “On the Take” from Pharma, Tobacco and Energy Solutions … all  have read our many stories about them.  The attached PDF is the exact of the following one. In the attached, however, the reader can click on the blue hyperlinks and dive down into the database for the details.  Follow the Money normally charges $70,000.00 a year for access to their “unlimited” data.  They like what we are doing, so we’ve been granted free, unlimited access to their information.   
We call the following, “The Top 10 of the Top Takers.”  

Impact Analysis of Postings Sent to Individuals 

Exposed … Herbert $663,072.00 … Reyes $79,025.00 … Adams $41,661.00 & 32 others for more than $10K each.

This isn’t all.  Our postings go out to over 800 targeted individuals which include all of our Utah Office Holders.  

We believe that two of the most formidable forces in the human experience are Mother’s Love and Peer Pressure.  We are exerting Peer, Social, Blog to Office Holder, Office Holder to Office Holder, Constituent to Office Holder pressure that we believe are the likes of which this State has never seen before. We are doing so with simple, measurable impact that will be demonstrated a bit later.  

One of our many blog postings resulted in a reaction directed to us. It can be found by “clicking here.”  An earlier posting, which is appended to the foregoing, had excoriated Senator Evan Vickers for his shameful pharmacy business that had already been exposed by National Media.  And … “DEA Database Reveals Anti-Cannabis Utah Senate Majority Leader is County’s Largest Opiate Dealer.”  After we published, one of Vickers’ associates, State Representative Merrill Nelson, challenged us with what amounted to a warning that we were approaching libel in our report about Vickers.  Nelson is also a shareholder and attorney with Kirton and McConkie the Mormon Church’s law firm.  (Our posting excoriating Vickers hyperlinked above makes all of this much clearer.)   

Fortunately, we conduct impact analysis of all postings … Title, To-List, Sent, Opens, Clicks, Bounces, Date, Opt outs (in another screen).  We have only about an estimated 1-2% opt out rate for the 800+.  Industry standards for “openings” are about 20+%.  The following graphic demonstrates we exceed that.  All of our Senators are receiving our postings 29 of 29. Our representatives not as good but good 66 of 75 have opted to receive. For the posting in question, we achieved an opening rate of 40% for Senators.  We segmented the Representatives because the list tended to plug up our email system.  They opened  64%, 59% and 35% of the time.  The posting “Evan Vickers … Act II…” in question is the last on the following list of 4 samples.    

After Representative/Attorney Nelson challenged us, we asked for clarification and he failed to respond. We then posted “… ActII Utah” above.  I got a big “case of the ass” over Nelson’s failure to clarify his comment and published the posting in question to 139 attorneys in his law firm Kirton McConkie.  As you can see, there was a 33% open rate.  One of the attorneys opened 82 times. Nelson didn’t open his. As you will note, the Senate rate was 40% with one of the Senators opening 24 times.  We have them all identified by name but in the interests of discretion at this point their identities are concealed. We’ve had positive feedback from some of our legislators but so many are unintentionally compromised that we believe there’s a lot of angst and confusion among them. 

We have in mind a host of additional tactics and strategies and strategic relationships that are ongoing and germinating.  Our overarching mantra is “The Return to The Rule of Law and Good Governance.”  Our objectives are Term Limits and Finance Reform.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization and have plans to export to and replicate our measurable successes in other states.  The Officers, Trustees and Senior Advisors in the corporate entity Justice4All are wonderful U.S. Army Special Forces, Vietnam and Afghanistan Combat Veterans (with advanced degrees in statistics, business management, education, finance), a brilliant, Public Corruption Prosecutor Suzanne Dallimore, a Junk Yard Dog former IRS Special Agent and many others.  All to a woman and man, they have a remarkable history of investing their very lives in The Rule of Law, Good Governance and the safety and security of our State and Nation.

We also enjoy an arms length yet hopefully mutual admiration relationship with “RepresentUS.”  They have a formula for progress that just might work.  We may be able to help drive members and advocates to them by virtue of our activities. 

We believe there is a David vs. Goliath story in the foregoing and seek to have it told to the Nation.

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