by Ed Wallace – 9/11/2020

Lt Gov. Cox’s office, the probable winning candidate to be our next Governor, because….. well – this is Utah, has finally released the final ballot for the 2020 election.

The ballot is huge and includes 7, SEVEN, Amendments to our Constitution.

Click here more detail than they probably want you to know and for links to the amendments:

Amendment A changes Utah’s constitution to use gender-neutral language

Amendment B modifies who is qualified to be elected to the Utah State Legislature

Amendment C removes references to “slavery” from Utah’s constitution

Amendment D deals with municipal water rights in Utah

Amendment E enshrines a “right to hunt and fish” in Utah’s constitution

Amendment F allows the Utah State Legislature to set its own start date for the annual legislative session

Amendment G modifies the earmark on the income tax from only covering education to also providing funding for children and people with disabilities

The ballots will be mailed out 21 days before the Nov 3 election and must be postmarked by Nov 2, 2020. All ballots must be mailed back unless you drop yours off at the County Clerk’s office. Hopefully, a stamp is printed on the ballots, because….. Utah.

Nothing else to see here….. move along

See the finalized ballot here:

If you desire more info on the candidates that includes some actual info, including candidate bios, click here:,_2020