USN Endorses Phill Wright for Utah House District 19

by Ed Wallace / Publisher at / June 5, 2018

There are Republicans and then there are RINO Republicans….”Republicans in Name only”. RINO’s come out every 2, 4, or 6 years and say “Hey look…. I just said I’m a conservative, vote for me.” Of course, that is just after having spent their entire term since their last election voting to raise our taxes, increase the size of government and stealing more of our freedom. Those are all things that a real “conservative” would never do. They are things that a soft-socialist and liberal, progressive democrat would do.

Then, there is that very rare breed, a Republican’s Republican, a real conservative who doesn’t have to pretend and lie to get our vote, who stands when most cower, whose blood runs Patriot red and who doesn’t mind exposing it in defense of our liberties. The only thing more rare than a real Republican is the opportunity that voters get to actually vote for one. This primary, the voters of Utah House of Representatives District 19 have that chance by voting for Phill Wright.

Phill Wright believes in limited government, low taxes and personal responsibility. He believes that government was created to ensure every citizen life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Like a real Republican, he believes that government was not created to solve our social problems, guarantee access to healthcare, provide social welfare, take our land, limit our liberty or dictate which Constitutional freedoms apply to whom.

Phil Wright supports and will vote according to the party’s Platform and will uphold and defend our State and U.S. Constitution. He is a Republican who wants to run as your candidate, not a candidate who wants to run as a Republican.

Wright advocates for responsible education spending. With a Utah education budget for 2018 of $6.2 billion dollars, he states “ We must also do a better job following exactly where the education dollars are going.  We continue to build multi-million dollar high school buildings, yet we have many elementary schools without air conditioning, and teachers who have to apply for grants and send students home after school to do fundraising for classroom supplies.”

Wright believes in balancing the budget. Utah is currently over $21 billion in debt and the 2018 budget is $16.7 billion. Wright says “Yes, we have a balanced budget each year because our Constitution requires it.  Unfortunately, 25% of our budget comes from the Federal Government which is already $21 Trillion in debt. Utah needs to stop with the tax and spend mentality to wean itself off the $4.15 billion it gets every year from the Federal Government.”

He is also concerned about protecting the Second Amendment and has plans to deal with the opioid epidemic. He says “I believe Utah doctors do their best to treat their patients, but the drug companies need to be held accountable for highly addictive drugs that are overprescribed.” Wright’s opponent proposed legislation to allow police officers to access our medical records without a search warrant, a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment against illegal search and seizure. That is not the mark of a Republican.

Perhaps the most compelling reason for supporting Wright is that he has signed the National Taxpayer Protection Pledge to not raise taxes. Our so-called “conservative Republicans” have voted for years to increase our taxes, even in times of massive surpluses. In 2018, with over half a billion dollars in excess cash, most Republicans, including Wright’s opponent, voted to raise our property taxes $25,000,000 this year and up to $125,000,000 more over the next four years. His opponent also supported raising our Utah State Gas Tax 33.5% per gallon and in 2016 he voted to raise it 20% per gallon. Utah is already number four in the country for highest gas prices.

It won’t be long before many Utahns won’t be able to afford to live in Utah. We’re being taxed to death. It’s time that we are represented by people who share our values and have common sense. It’s time that our leaders exhibit the behavior and principles that they claim to have. It’s time to elect a real Republican. It’s time for Phill Wright to be seated in our Capitol. Vote Phill, Representing for Real!

Phill Wright deserves our support and our vote.  Visit his website at:

Phill Wright, a Republican for Utah House District 19

“This election is NOT about People.  It is about Policy.  Ray Ward is a good person, but his voting record is BAD Policy, and it is NOT based on Republican Principles.  Your vote should be based on who you believe will represent you and your Republican values, not on friendship.  Ray Ward has had four years to prove his political agenda, and he has voted to raise your taxes EVERY year he has been in office. He also supports a 33.5% State Gas Tax increase! Utah already has one of the highest gas prices in the nation, do you want to pay, even more, a State gas tax second only to New York City??? You have the ability to put an end to the liberal voting policy of Ray Ward. Yes, he’s a great guy, but his voting record is NOT based on Republican principles, and it surely isn’t based on our Republican Platform, of limited government and low taxes.  Don’t re-elect someone just because he is a nice guy.  Make your vote count, and vote for a Republican who really will represent you!”