By Ed Wallace / Publisher of / April 21, 2020

I like honest and honorable politicians who have an understanding of the Constitution and the intent of our Founders. I like candidates who are true to who they are, who are their word, reliable, and don’t wear a mask while pretending to be what their constituents want. I like REAL conservatives who stand by their beliefs and won’t discard them to govern like a RINO or a soft-socialist once they get elected. And, I like people with guts who have no hesitation to stand up to dishonest, corrupt, and power hungry posers who will say and do anything to get elected. In short, I like Mary Burkett… Candidate for Utah’s 2nd Congressional District.

Actually, I admire Mary Burkett. I first heard her on Kate Dalley’s talk-radio show years ago and was immediately impressed by her unwavering commitment to liberty and freedom. She has a rare clarity of vision and grasp on important and fundamental  issues like education, the 2nd Amendment, government overreach, and our nation’s immoral national debt that we’ve passed onto future generations who would never consent to paying OUR day-to-day costs of running the country while we escape responsibility in a scheme that enslaves our children and grand-children. 

Our leaders have a moral and legal duty that they have sworn to protect our country. They haven’t done so. The fiscal situation for the United States government is grave. Our representatives have violated every oath of office and promise to decrease spending and they have placed our country in immediate peril by allowing us to live beyond our means. 

The COVID-19 emergency will no doubt drive the national debt much higher. Our national debt is one of Mary’s great concerns and passions. She knows that our responsibility toward future generations and the insistence of the present time depends upon vigilant action by our federal legislators today. Mary will dignify the sacrifices of American families and workers by safeguarding the fiscal health of our country. 

In one of my many conversations with her, she stated: “History tells us that stimulus bills like the massive $2 Trillion bill that  passed do not work. This bill, assembled in the heat of the moment, with emotion and no concern for future generations, does not, can not, accomplish the stated goal of helping those who are hurting during this crisis.”

After they passed it, members of Congress were lining up in front of network cameras to tell Americans how much they’ll benefit from the largest such aid package in U.S. history (the bill they have yet to read). NOT ONE member of congress said “let’s cut out all that pork and just fix what we broke.” 

I enjoy the irony of hearing Chris “Mr. Fiscal Responsibility” Stewart saying how horrible Nancy Pelosi is for holding up more funding for the business loan program. Steward is always talking about how we need to get the federal budget under control. He even reminded people that he originally ran on getting federal spending under control. Yet, he has been in Congress for 8 years and the debt has gone up $8 Trillion! He has done the EXACT opposite of what he promised to do. Mr. Fiscal Responsibility talks a good game and voters have let him get away with it, so far.

If the voters of CD2 do their due diligence and seriously study the issues and Stewart’s record, their eyes might roll like mine do. He really likes spending our money. For anyone who wants to look, the Silicon slopes PAC has assembled a looooong list of matching Stewart’s words with his votes. You can decide for yourself if he has been honest with the voters of CD2, or not.   

Mary has also gone head-to-head with Utah’s junior Senator Mitt Romney by calling him out to end his personal vendetta and war of words against President Trump and begin working to unite, rather than divide, the Republican Party and America.

In a statement to Utah Standard News, Burkett said: “Senator Romney’s attacks on President Trump are appalling. He attacks the President’s personal style and behavior, but not the substance of what President Trump has achieved for America. As a Senator who votes with the President 79.2% of the time, I wonder why Senator Romney feels it is necessary to further divide the country this way. As a man who spends a lot of time complaining about the lack of decorum shown by the President, I expect Senator Romney to exhibit some, even if he doesn’t personally like the man in the Oval Office right now. He is misusing the power given to him by the people of Utah and is adding fuel to a destructive fire that burns at the very foundations of our beloved Republic.”

Mary was Utah’s lone voice in bringing this issue to light. In an internal poll of Utah Republicans, Romney is at 17% approval. He can’t get much lower than that but he’ll probably try. 

Mary has used her platform to give support to the President’s agenda, to work on uniting a fractured Republican Party, and help to begin healing the rift in American society. She knows that when someone is down, like Trump has been for the past three years because of the constant lies and attacks from the left, it is the responsibility of a kind person to lift them up. 

Mary Burkett stands with the President against his enemies and will  help him keep his campaign promises. Not only will she be helping the President, she will be serving her constituents. Mary has my full endorsement. – Ed Wallace, Publisher of