By Ed Wallace / Publisher of and President of the Alliance for Utah’s Future / Oct 2, 2020

As Constitutional Conservatives, we are engaged in the most important cause in the universe: THE GREAT CAUSE OF LIBERTY. Our forefathers’ relentless efforts won the fight for freedom because they gave all that was necessary to secure the foundations of the Constitution, which enables the keystone of “individual choice” and secures “agency”, or individual freedom of choice through the law. 

Those freedom-fighters NEVER gave up their life-long and eternal battle because their future looked bleak and the opposition seemed so vast, great, and overwhelming. On the contrary, the joy, meaning, and grand purpose are all found in the fight itself, in knowing that against all odds, they remained firmly fixed on the side of the truth and right.

“Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!” —George Washington (1779)

We must always be vigilant towards the cause of liberty. WE must be the patriots who founded our nation – cold, with frozen feet, and with little hope, and that hope coming from God. We will carry our families and our communities through these difficult times with that “founding father” attitude as we battle for our lives, our liberty, and our country. 

There is no other time in our history when the importance of unifying freedom-loving conservatives and constitutionalists has been more pressing. Instead, conservatives are more fractured than we’ve ever been. 

To win this seemingly endless war, we need more organization, mutual cooperation, and brazen actions to be truly successful. We are not outnumbered. We have an amazing base of true conservative freedom fighters in Utah who WANT to do the right thing but are confused and in disarray because of competing groups who are all vying for the allegiances and donation dollars of Liberty-minded Utahns.  

It’s not the problem of “Too Much of a Good Thing”, it’s the problem of “Too Many Silos” —– or too many little sub-fiefdoms with Founders or leaders who have giant personalities, that splinter the base in a truly confusing way, and present Ego-based barriers to success, where even amongst ourselves, group leaders are infighting to compete to get Freedom Fighters signed up to financially support THEIR OWN group, versus another one that is practically identical for all intents and purposes, which results in mixed messaging AND a watered-down movement that is destined to fail.

The founders were not always united as a group of agreeable, flawless men. There were opposing ideologies, partisan factionism, personal tensions, dislike, and hatred as well. Their personal and political differences undermined their attempt to form a classical republic. Nonetheless, they found COMMON GROUND with their admiration and evocation of classical virtue and republican ideals.  They ALL aspired to put the principles of ancient times into practice and were compelled to craft not just a fair government, but virtue of character, a bastion of liberty, and a viable country that became a leading world power.

United we Stand – Divided we Beg

The Conservative voters wing of the Utah politic, as an activist “pressure group”, lacks a cohesive organization structure. Today, the motto “United we Stand, Divided we Fall,” is the reality that we face. If we do not recognize the binding ideals that we share as individual people and groups and continue to work on our own instead of as a team, then we are each destined to fail and we will all be defeated. 

Simply put: Working together is easier, as there is strength in numbers, whereas doing things alone is harder and invites failure. Our opposition has already learned this and their success and determination over the past 60 years are easily evident in all facets of society and government.

We must overcome the divisions we have created and recommit ourselves to the principles of the founding of our republic. Read through both the Declaration and the Constitution. Start to see the political world around you through the clear lenses of those principles. Consider joining yourself to other patriotic men and women to work together in a concerted effort to restore the republic by effective activism. 

The “Alliance for Utah’s Future” is the ONLY Constitutional Conservative non-profit confederation of groups and activists in Utah that is designed to forge unions and remove the present-day assaults and barriers to freedom and liberty. Our alliance addresses the need for a statewide grassroots organization dedicated to initiate, facilitate and coordinate citizen action directed to improving the quality of life of all inhabitants in Utah. We don’t always act together but the individual and group members support each other and have been involved in every major defense of Constitutional values in Utah in recent years.  

Our only leader is common sense and Constitutional principles. We are not sunshine patriots that only share in the joys of great times. We pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to the preservation of liberty, freedom, and American principles. We invite you to join us.

“Let us not split into factions which must destroy that union upon which our existence hangs.” – Patrick Henry