President Trump waives from Marine One while meeting the people with First Lady Melania Trump. White House Photo 22 October 2020.

Trump wins Washington and Iron counties by 50 points – Saint George, Ivins, Hurricane and Cedar City

            The Donald Trump and Mike Pence ticket, according to the have won in the two counties for the 2020 Presidential election.   Trump won the southwest counties Washington and Iron by 50 points.  The vote count for Washington County was  59618  for Trump, and 18840 for Biden.  The vote count for Iron County  was 14474 for Trump, and 4033 for Biden. The Totals for the two counties was 74092 for Trump, and 22873  for Biden. The Percentage was  74.1% for   Trump, and 23.5% for Biden, a difference of 50.6 points  and 51,219 votes.

The importance of the Washington and Iron counties plurality is shown by comparing with the results up north in Salt Lake County,  home of Salt Lake City,.  In Salt Lake County Trump  had 127,592 votes with a deficit to Biden’s  182,476, a difference of  54,884 votes. In effect Washington and Iron nearly  made up for  the entire Salt Lake Democrat vote.    As of 2018, Salt Lake County had 1.22 million population, source U.S. Census bureau.  As of 2019 Washington County at 177 thousand population estimate, and Iron County had 55 thousand,. Combined the two are  232 thousand,  but still only one fifth the population of Salt Lake County.

For Governor, the Cox – Henderson ticket had 54,888 votes in Washington county,  4800 votes under the Presidential race.   Cox – Henderson had 13,655 votes  in Iron county, about 800 votes under the Presidential race.  

 For Attorney General , Reyes had 57,636 in Washington County, 2 thousand votes under the Presidential race.   Reyes had 14,108 in Iron county,  300 votes under the Presidential race.

For Auditor, Dougall had 60,436 in Washington County, 8 hundred votes more than the Presidential race. Dougall had 14,667 votes in Iron county, about 200 votes over the Presidential race. Dougall’s name included ‘frugal’ in quotes. That must have appealed to the voters.

For Treasurer, Damschen had 60,032 votes in Washington county, 4 hundred more than the Presidential race. Damshen had 14,489 votes in Iron, within a baker’s dozen or so, about the same, as the Presidential race.

Chris Stewart U.S. Congressman

For the Second District U.S. House of Representatives seat,  Chris Stewart had 55,998 votes,  37 hundred votes under the Presidential race. Stewart had 14,005  votes in Iron county, about 4 hundred votes under the Presidential race.

When the vote totals are under the Presidential race, some would observe that the top of the ticket is pulling in votes for the under ticket. And conversely, when the local election vote totals are over the Presidential race, the under ticket is pushing the top of the ticket.

For state Senate 29, Don Ipson had 40,912  or 76.7% of the vote, a 3 to 1 margin over the opponent. All of Senate 29 is in Washington County.

            For State House 74, Lowry Snow had 16,752 votes or 73.1% of the total vote. All of House 74 is in Washington County.

            For State House 75, Walt Brooks had 12,540 votes or 76.4 $ of the total vote. All of House 75 is in Washington County.

            For State House 71, Brad Last had 17,430 votes or 100%.  Iron county cast 3,624 votes, and Washington county 13,806.

Travis and Lisa Seegmiller and family

            For State House 62, Travis Seegmiller had 19,739 votes or 100%,  all from Washington County.

            For Utah School board of Education District 15, Tristan Norton had 82,719 or 100%, 66607 in Washington county, and 16,112 in Iron county.

            For County Commission Seat C, Dean Cox  had 61,878 or 84.3% of the vote, all from Washington County.

            These all had 100% of their vote in Washington County.  County Assessor Tom Durrant had 67,580 votes. County Attorney Special 2 year Seat Eric Clarke had 66,472. County Recorder Gary Christensen had 67,767 votes. County Treasurer David Whitehead had 67,151 votes. Local School Board 1 Becky Dunn had 8713 votes. Local School Board 2 Craig Seegmiller had 7588 votes.Local School Board 3 Terry Hutchinson had 6127 votes, 58%

            Thad Seegmiller was retained as Justice court Judge of Washington City, by 57028 votes, 85%.

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