This article originally appeared on MarketWatch.

Republicans are starting to fret that real estate magnate Donald Trump could win the nomination and then lose the election in a landslide. A new poll by YouGov for found that 49% of Americans are terrified by the prospect of a President Trump. Will Trump come under greater attack in Thursday’s debate?The RealClearPolitics average of polls, a crude but closely watched measure, reports that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would beat Trump by almost 3 percentage points if they become their parties’ nominees. She is forecast to lose to Sen. Ted Cruz by under a percentage point and to Sen. Marco Rubio by almost 5 percentage points.

Trump has not consistently shared the traditional Republican values of lower taxes and a smaller government. Although the media have attacked other Republican candidates on flip-flops and deviations from the party line, they have by and large left Trump alone. This would change if he were the nominee. Here are four potential areas for attack.

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