By Ed Wallace / Feb 12, 2018

Washington County delegates got together tonight to replace Jon Standard who resigned last week because…. well, you know.

After two rounds, the winner was Travis Seegmiller, an award-winning conservative Professor of the U.S. Constitution & Leadership at Dixie State University. Imagine, a conservative constitutionalist who teaches the Constitution, in SLC, in the Legislature, at the Utah Capitol. This is going to be fun to watch.

USN endorsed Seegmiller, a long shot, earlier today. He was one of 8 candidates for the vacant slot. All of the candidates were excellent, and 102 out of 132 (77%) of the county delegates showed up, despite the nasty rain. Sara Noel Williams came in second. Sara has a future, was well spoken and talked about her moral compass, something that is in short supply these days. But, Seegmiller won with 55 votes against the two other candidates who advanced from the first round.

Seegmiller is a product of WashCo’s local education system – a graduate of Washington Elementary School and the former Student-body President of Pine View High School – who went on to a long career of Republican Service and Conservative Republican Leadership, from the local level, as Legislative Chairman of our District 62, to the U.S. Senate and even the Presidential level dating all the way back to his first Republican Presidential campaign in 1996.  Travis has worked for or served under many great men and women as President of the Republican Party at both Yale University and Georgetown University during his college and graduate school days. His policy stances were MOST SIMILAR to Senator Mike Lee’s core perspectives, as he fought to advance and defend his Conservative Values in some very liberal places. As you research him, you may find the news reports of Seegmiller leading protests against Hillary Clinton as far back as 20+ years ago!

Seegmiller is a devoted family man and father with a lifetime track record of Southern Utah morals and tenacity. He has been a very successful businessman-turned-Professor and has always demonstrated a proven commitment to core conservative principles,  and, he is a true Constitutionalist, whose heroes include many of our Founding Fathers and other great Defenders of Freedom as we know it

His wife, Lisa, was named “Educator of the Year” and is also a Tony Award-Winning and Grammy Award-Nominated Actress and Singer.

Seegmiller is on his way to SLC to assume his new position and learn about the bills currently under consideration. We wish him the best of luck.