The experiment is on the second floor, Pasteur and Spontaneous Generation

By John Choate September 2014

 ‘The experiment is on the second floor,’’ responded the docent at the Pasteur Institute, Paris.  The date was the 70th  anniversary of the liberation of Paris, September 21st 2014.  My question was ‘Where is the Experiment?’   Now the Pasteur Institute takes up a square city block in downtown Paris, and it had been in business for  126 years or so. We were visiting the museums and grandchildren, and I wanted to see the Experiment.  The docent didn’t ask ‘which experiment?’  Pasteur had performed tens of thousands of experiments.  She knew.  How did she know WHICH experiment?  The most famous in the history of science!

  The experiment which destroyed the doctrine of spontaneous generation, forever.  It is the oldest continual experiment of record in the world.

Gabon 1972

‘The Experiment’ is the basis for Pastuerization which word has gone into the English language to mean safe dairy product, safe milk, safe cheese, safe yogurt,  safe orange juice, and more. 

1972 Monaco Louis Pasteur


‘The Experiment’ destroyed the doctrine of spontaneous generation which was, is, and will be, the foundation law for Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and Natural Selection.  Without spontaneous generation, that life comes from death, or life comes from nothing, or life comes from non life, Evolution can’t get started.  Internationally, this caused a split between the English who support their favorite son, Darwin, and his evolution theory, and the French, who support their favorite son, Pasteur, and his life from life clinical experiment.

1995 India

So, to keep Pasteur’s studies quiet, the evolutionists who control the academics ignore Pasteur.  Or ignore ‘The Experiment’, mentioning in passing Pasteur’s  discovery of cures for the Rabies virus, and Anthrax, and understanding of yeast and fermentation of wines, and chemistry.  Pasteur was a trained chemist, not a philosopher.

1973 France Pasteur

The doctrine of spontaneous generation had been around since Plato, and the Greeks, for thousands of years, as an explanation for the source of life. Spontaneous generation explained how maggots and large worms would be found on meat left out, or how wiggly worms, much smaller than the eye could see, but visible under a microscope (circa 1600), could be seen in stream water or grape juice.  Pasteur was hired to investigate French wines and solve the mystery as to why some wines were successful, and some wines were bitter and failures.   Pasteur had the solution, which depended on the type of yeasts bottled with the juices, but he first had to disabuse the wine makers of the day that yeast didn’t ‘pop’ into the bottles, by spontaneous generation.  So he did numerous experiments to show the wiggly worms were dropped into juices from dust in the air.  Maggots on meat were explained by placing gauze over the spoiled meat, watching for flies smelling out the meat, and laying eggs after finding the meat from smell.  Pasteur made flasks to hold bouillon which was heated to kill the microbes, and then left with a long neck with access to air.   This is summarized in Pasteur’s Life story, chapter 5’s  30 pages which is attached.

France For the Unemployed Intellectual Pasteur

About 2 decades after Pasteur began his experiment, the story goes a fisherman in Maine wanted to sell fish in the New York City market.  But fish spoiled unless iced down, or were pickled (vinegar), or salted, or smoked, or dried.  Ice was non existent in the summer, so the other preservation methods changed the taste of fish substantially.   But if fish could be canned without being infected, by heating it short of being smoked or cooked, and the can sealed to keep out the air, that might work. It did. And the concept of canning exploded on the rural west.  Can  your fruit after  the summer harvest, by boiling it and sealing with wax or air tight lids,  and storing it to winter for eating and consumption.  Or, mass produce it as orange juice, and heating it to kill the microbes, and shipping it all over the country.   None of this would work if microbes continually popped into existence as believed by spontaneous generation. 

New Caledonia Centennial of the Pasteur Institute, Noumea 1988

Seven decades after Pasteur’s experiment destroyed  the theory of Spontaneous Generation, about 1925, an American health clerk surmised  that Bang’s disease (also called Brucellosis, Crimean fever, Gibraltar fever, Malta fever, Maltese fever, Mediterranean fever, rock fever, undulant fever, or the abortion disease) was passed through cow’s milk, and could infect humans. This disease makes mammals abort their babies, and having animals throw their offspring early, resulting in death, is mentioned in the Bible (Exodus 23; 25-26).  Bang’s had previously been dismissed (from the 1880s to 1920s) as not infecting humans, and later (after 1925) was recognized as being highly infectious. After a  Notre Dame professor died after drinking  cow’s milk, discovered to be infected with Bang’s (circa 1932), South Bend Indiana, adopted a local law that milk had to be heated, to kill the disease, which was soon called  ‘pasteurized.’  The knowledge was that heat at 145 degrees for 10 minutes, killed microbes including Bang’s.  This was the beginning of the entire public health system and laws, and was soon adopted by communities throughout the country. 

‘Easter’ or Mail Boat – Paquebot Pasteur for next port of call

If the Darwinians really believe in spontaneous generation, they should return to nature and refuse pasteurized milk products. They should keep everything raw, organic, unboiled.  Pass laws relaxing public health. We’ll know when they so do, by all the cheese companies dropping the Pasteurization process (and saving the extra step and money it costs).  The same with milk and all dairy, or canned products.   Actually, take spontaneous generation  to higher steps, don’t get shots for polio or smallpox, swear off antibiotics.  After all, microbes and diseases just pop up randomly, so what difference does it make? Don’t hold your breath the evolutionist will go to such a risk.

Pakistan 1995 100th death anniversary of Pasteur

I have summarized centuries of history, and have dismissed millions of pages written in support of evolution.  Evolution just can’t get that first inch off the ground, because it can’t get past the fact that spontaneous generation is a fraud.

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