The Supreme Court today sent the Zubik v. Burwell lawsuit over Obamacare’s birth control coverage requirement back to the lower courts.
Far from a temporizing move, the action was “a huge victory” for the Little Sisters of the Poor and others who find the birth control mandate at odds with their core religious beliefs, according to Roger Severino and Elizabeth Slattery, legal scholars at the Heritage Foundation.
“The Court has unanimously found that the government can provide cost-free contraceptive coverage without the Little Sisters of the Poor’s collaboration,” Severino explained. “With this ruling, the Court wiped out every single bad decision that forced the Little Sisters of the Poor and other religious non-profits to choose between violating their faith or paying crippling fines.”
“The Court said the administration cannot punish the Little Sisters for refusing to collaborate as the administration demanded,” he added. “That’s a huge victory, and it’s hard to see how a lower court can get around this order.”
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