Stop Corona Virus with  UV Party lights,  Movie review The Theory of Everything, Scorpions

:UV party light Theory Everything movie stills.:IMG_2328 UV party light Theory Everything movie stills collar.jpg
Black Party Light scene from The Theory of Everything, popular in 1960s parties, with collars and cuffs glowing in the dark.

            In the early scenes of the movie of The Theory of Everything is a party at Cambridge University. The feature of this 1960s  party is the ‘party light’,  a black light, from  Ultra Violet lamps. That was all the lighting. The scenes present glowing collars and cuffs, and necklaces and curtains,  fluorescing a bright white.  The glow shows on the faces of the dancers.  What is not observable is  the black light was also killing the ambient viruses and bacteria floating in the air.   Ambient means everywhere.

:UV party light Theory Everything movie stills.:IMG_2333 UV party light Theory Everything movie stills jane.jpg
Party scene from The Theory of Everything as dresses glow in the dark under black light.

             In Saint George, a necessary accessory before going outside is ‘sun block’, a cream which blocks the Ultra Violet radiation from causing  sun burn.  The cream is rubbed on the skin to protect the skin.   The tubes of cream have a UV rating, meaning the cream protects against sun burn.  Well, viruses and bacteria can get sun burn also, but they don’t have layers of protective cells.  If the viruses get sun burned, they die, they cannot live in Ultra Violet radiation.  But  limited exposure to the party light is not dangerous to people, if ended before sunburn.

:UV party light Theory Everything movie stills.:IMG_2337 UV party light Theory Everything movie stills necklace.jpg
Party still frame from The Theory of Everything showing necklace in black light. 2014 movie.

            These black party lights are available  at Lowes, Home Depot,  Wal Mart , Party city, and others. The  black party light sockets fit in the standard light bulb, and fluorescent light fixtures.  No special sockets are needed.  You can use lamps, wall fixtures,  most electrical light sockets.  UV radiation travels line of sight, meaning any area not shaded, will receive the radiation, and any virus or bacteria visible to the black light will die.  The speed with which the Corona Virus, one of the many viruses floating in the air, will be killed by UV, depends on time and distance from the UV light source.  Meaning if the virus floats within 6 inches of the UV light, it will be killed by only a few seconds of exposure, however if the virus floats 20 feet away, it requires more exposure , perhaps an hour, because of the distance.  

::::Pictures:2020 scopion UV sunlight:IMG_2300  scorpion  daylight  white table top.jpg
Scorpion in sunlight.

            UV light is used to inspect for scorpions, whose skins fluoresce.   These can be spotted in the dark. Sample photographs are available.

            Black Party lights are easy to flick on, and flick off, with a wall switch, just like a regular light bulb.  Since it is dry, UV does not damage cloth, and leather, and soft surfaces as might be on couches, drapes,  which might be stained by liquid  disinfectants.   Party lights are not poisonous, meaning children won’t get into the chemicals used for disinfectants, and risk poisoning. 

::::Pictures:2020 scopion UV sunlight:IMG_2307  scorpion  daylight  grass.jpg
Scorpion in sunlight, notice yellow tail and brown thorax.
::::Pictures:2020 scopion UV sunlight:IMG_2319  scorpion  ultra violet blue Title of Liberty full.jpg
Scorpion body reacting to Ultra Violet light.

Party Lights should be used with face and hand washing with soap,  hand disinfectants,  daily soap washing of towels and sheets,  daily soap washing of clothes, wipes,  alcohol wipes, hydrogen peroxide, mouth wash, face masks,  sunshine, chlorine,  ice, heat, covering from coughs, sheltering in place with symptoms,  social distancing, and using elbow bumps and waves instead of hand shakes.  Also, completely stopping alcoholic drinks and tobacco use will reduce the pre existing conditions which make  virus infections deadly.

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::::Pictures:2020 scopion UV sunlight:IMG_2311  scorpion  ultra violet blue.jpg
Scorpion in Ultra Violet light, black light.