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“By its nature, this report focuses on exceptions, weaknesses, and problems. This focus should not be
understood to mean there are not also various strengths and accomplishments.
Table of Contents
Part 1—Financial Performance
1: Inadequate Internal Controls Over Reconciliation of AX to FINET
Finding 2: Liquor Markup Not in Accordance with Utah Statute
Finding 3: Inadequate Internal Controls Over Liquor Purchases
 Finding 4: Inadequate Internal Controls Over Financial Statement Presentation
Finding 5: Inadequate Separation of Duties Over Monthly Bank Reconciliation
Part 2— IT General Controls
Finding 6: Insufficient Review of the AX User Privileges
Finding 7: Improper Access Privileges Granted to AX Users
Finding 8: Inadequate Review and Monitoring of AX User Activity
Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control’s Response to Findings
and Recommendations