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Some challenging questions for everyone to consider.

Why aren’t all the people that didn’t wear masks in 2020 like myself, sick and/or dead, if it’s as contagious and deadly as we were told?

If Trump was going to arrest the criminals in Washington, why would he have a group tell you it was going to happen, why not just do it?

Why do leftists paint the majority of this country as a “Trump cult with matching hats”? Do they have sudden amnesia that they wore matching pink vagina hats? Why is it described cultish if you support someone in office but if they support someone it isn’t cultish? What did the majority of this country actually do to get such contempt filled rants from these people? Do you think you may have been trained to hate them? Can you articulate why the mere presence of a conservative is upsetting to you? That may be a sign that you are brainwashed to have disdain for them.

Why is the death rate LOWER by over 300,000 in 2020 compared to 2019, if we had so much death due to Cov? If we were in a plague wouldn’t we have had millions of more deaths last year or at least the same amount as 2019?

Why did the CDC not want autopsies performed around the world or here in the US?

Why does the CDC admit they don’t have a sample of Cov?

Do you think we have a free press in the US? If you knew they have been controlled since the 1950’s, would you still believe what they say?

If there are two parties in Washington fighting for their goals, why does one set of goals always win during the last 7 decades?

How do races end up so tight if 65% of our nation has always been conservative? Are the races fraudulent? Are the two sides engineered to win/lose so we accept the trajectory of our nation in loss of freedoms?

If climate change threats were real, why haven’t you ever been a victim of it? What we know as true cyclical change is rather uneventful. And why is the projected demise of us always 10 years away? With 50 years of those 10 year predictions, have you ever been in peril? Why is marketed as always going to happen but we still have no evidence of it? Why is it always pending?Or is a way to tax us and get more global regulations and governance control?

What’s standing in the way of having a global governance? People and nations sovereignty?

Why did they seek to do everything they could to demonize Trump from before he ever took office and then for 4 years? Why not just report what happened and let you decide? Why did the media and government want you to have total contempt for him?

Do you believe we are a free people? How free on a scale of 1 to North Korea?

Why didn’t we have any “mass school shootings” in the last four years if our youth are reportedly having so many issues with mental health? We had many under Obama. Why do we never hear about the shooters again in most cases? Why do they all have the same “m.o”? Why are they always loners with no friends? No other kids do this? Just the same kind of kid? Do you think that the intelligence agencies manipulate kids into doing this sometimes? Some parents have gone to the press about that.

Why are we still in an Emergency after a year?

Why did the government just steal trillion and trillions of dollars in 2020 and no one in Washington or in our country did anything about it- with 85% of the money going into Washington after their budgets had already been allocated? Does anyone worry about how much money they are printing?

If you aren’t sick- why are you told you might be sick and don’t know it? All of your life- haven’t you known when you were getting sick? Why did that truth change only this year and why do you believe it?

Are you now waiting for the government to tell you are safe again? Why is the government involved in your health? It’s not in their job description,

Why were you taught to be so riled up about the “incident” at the Capitol if they weren’t armed, didn’t break in but were waved in and it was the cop that shot the girl? If they had time to take photo ops – is that still considered a dangerous mob? Did you media teach you to hyper focused on that but told you burning and looting cities, and breaking into Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS hearings wasn’t an angry mob- do you think they train you as to what to get angry about? Why do you take the bait?

If the right attended rallies by the hundreds of thousands for decades and never had an incident of violence- why are you being trained to hate them now?

Why does every news outlet have the exact same adjectives and script spin for every story they tell us at the same time ? How do they all get it at the same time, all across the country if we have a free press or true journalism?

Why is every state paid an average of $100,000 of dollars for every Cov positive case if they aren’t treating most cases and you stay home while you are sick with a Tylenol since it’s just cold symptoms? What’s the money going to the state actually for? What are they being paid for? A 2 dollar nose swab? Who set the amount and why? Why would your state stop the fear if they are able to get that kind of paycheck for doing nothing?

If you stopped listening to the media for one year- do you think at the end of the year, you might feel differently about things?

Do you think that people in the medical community may pass along false info because they are afraid to lose funding? Knowingly or unknowingly?

Has the government lied before? Covered up things before? Has the CDC been caught in numerous scandals for lying? Why do you believe them this year?

Because a doctor tells you have Cov because you took a test that is magnified so many times at 40 magnifications (25 is the normal cut off mark) that it’s hardly a test anymore- do you still walk away certain you have it if a doctor says it? What if he is just assuming the result because he’s been told to say it?

If you found out tomorrow that Cov was a lie all along, and that the cases were either flu or pneumonia or flu C, what would you do? How would you feel?

If you think one man can save us or be the death of us, does that take away your focus from the Senate and Congress who have the real power?

How can a nation that allows abortion on the mantra of “freedom to choose” not sanction the freedom to choose murder at any time? What about the husband that stands in the way of your dreams? Or the now bratty kid who doesn’t do what she’s told that you are tired of raising? Or the boss that won’t give you the promotion you feel entitled to? Aren’t they standing in the way of your life too? Because isn’t your freedom to choose based on someone else hindering your goals? Isn’t that why you are using the freedom to choose to get rid of the baby?

Why are we letting a genocide in nursing homes happen right under our nose right now? Why doesn’t anyone care?

The Cov vac is not FDA approved, and is not a vac. Does being in an emergency allow them to lie and tell you it’s a vac? There’s no Cov in the shot. It’s on their fact sheet they hand you when you get the shot. If you aren’t in mortal danger all year because recovery rate is almost 100%, why do you feel you need it? You were able to go a year snd you’re just fine. Are you going to get the other 350 vac’s they are working on right now because you are told you need them too?

Why do the parties get to sanction who runs? Why the control? Why do they control everyone in government? In a free country, wouldn’t we have multiple candidates from all kinds of third parties? Do we only have two mindsets in this country?

Why did NYT say to wear two masks now?


Think. It’s not illegal, yet.

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