For a governor who campaigned on fixing Pennsylvania’s schools, Gov. Tom Wolf doesn’t appear to have many fans in the education sector right now.

School advocates on both sides of the aisle are unhappy with Wolf because of a combination of his administration’s proposed school policies and his role in a state budget impasse that has cut off public school spending since last summer.

Wolf campaigned on giving Pennsylvania “schools that teach,” but is now the face of a state government pushing many school districts to the brink of bankruptcy, mass layoffs or even having to shut down because of a spending freeze that’s gone on for 10 months.

“No longer can the state hold schools and students hostage to politics,” Pennsylvania School Boards Association Executive Director Nathan Mains said. “We need a state budget now before schools close.

”Last week, Wolf threatened to veto another Republican budget proposal because he said it doesn’t provide enough funding for schools or close a $2 billion spending gap. The governor originally wanted to spend an additional $400 million on education. Republicans are proposing a $200 million bump.

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