By Mary Burkett, Columnist at / January 21, 2021

Did you attend the funeral yesterday? Watch any of it on television? Didn’t know if was a funeral? Yesterday, the representative republic known as the United States of America was buried. It died back in November, murdered by election fraud, a selfish, self-centered media, left wing politicians, and radical groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. 

Many of us hoped for its resurrection. Either ineptitude, lackadaisical court filings or over blown confidence and ego, a legal team that promised to “release the Kraken” didn’t get the job done. Like the people who famously saw and/or heard Kitty Genovese being murdered,  the United States Senate let us down by not demonstrating the courage needed to put a halt to the death. The 45th President, the last in our nation’s history to love this country’s strengths and people left Washington, D.C. yesterday with his head held high. Bravo Mr. President! 

How do we know that our representative republic was buried? The new guy in the White House told us straight out, “Democracy has prevailed”. Fashion magazine Vogue celebrated “the new America’ by highlighting the new vice president on its cover. President Biden began dismantling the republic with a flourish of a pen. What Barack Obama could only dream of, his former V.P. is doing. Ending American as we know her has commenced. “Fundamental transformation” has begun.

Their are several dangers in democracy but the most pressing is what we saw last year. Emotions are stirred and often manipulated by a media (William Randolph Hearst and the Spanish American War anyone?). People were burning down buildings and destroying neighborhoods, worked up into a frenzy by a media that lied to us saying that the “demonstrations” were “mostly peaceful”. But the other side didn’t get that courtesy. No, they were called rioters. Media didn’t even try to find out the truth–on either occasion. 

There are numerous reasons the founders gave us a representative republic, rather than a democracy, most famously challenged by Benjamin Franklin when asked, “if you can keep it”, Last year, we lived through what, in my opinion, is THE most important reason to reject democracy: the destroyed neighborhoods, businesses and lives by people whose emotions were stirred to such a fever pitch that they were out of control. Everything wrong with human beings was unleashed. 

Think about this. Hitler was “democratically” elected. Russia and China manipulate their voting systems as stagecraft to let people know what they (the people) want. Each is presented as “democracy”, as if the people are truly choosing. It’s a lie. Democracy is a lie. 

It is too late for us to buoy up the republic given us by the Founders. It is NOT too late to rebuild it. Are you willing? Stop waiting and get involved! Help us rebuild the land we all love. 

I’ll leave you with this clip, a demonstration of how democracy really works and ask are you SURE you want THIS:


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