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I’m the CEO of a local technology company that has grown to over $100,000,000 in revenue, and employs more than 1,500 people.  I launched the company while a student at BYU over a decade ago.  Much of our success I attribute to the unique and friendly business environment that exists here in the State of Utah.  I believe that business environment is largely a result of more than a century of sound policy decisions made by those who govern this great State, who were selected by and through the Utah Caucus system.

I have been a State Delegate in the past, and see the immense value we derive from the Caucus System, as well as the ability of the Republican Party to operate independently and enjoy the freedom of association that the Constitution of the United States guarantees to it.  SB54 is an assault on the Utah Republican Party’s freedom of association, and undermines the Republican form of government we cherish.  It would be a tragedy for the Utah GOP to withdraw the lawsuit against SB54 without even waiting to hear the 10th Circuit’s appellate decision.

I understand and appreciate the budget concerns that the Utah GOP has with respect to continued legal efforts to overturn SB54.  As an act of solidarity with the Utah GOP, I stand ready to personally ensure funds are available to fully litigate SB54 from this point forward.  If anyone would like to join with me and Grassroots Republic to support this effort, please do so through this gofundme account.  Donations will be received by Entrata, Inc. and contributed to the Utah GOP to fund future legal costs.  Any funds that cannot be used for that purpose will be donated to Grassroots Republic. – Dave Bateman