President Trump fist bumps Senator Rand Paul on stand Goodyear Arizona rally October 2020

At a Trump peaceful protest  in Goodyear Arizona over the weekend of October 28, 2020, Rand Paul, United States Senator from Kentucky spoke. 

 ‘ Here’s to immunity. I’ve got a message for Independents and Libertarians. My message is this,  If you hate war like I hate war,  if you want America to be  supporting America and not spending our money overseas, wasting lives overseas, in unwinnable endless wars, you need to support the President who said at his state of the union, great nations don’t fight perpetual wars. 

I have a message for African Americans across our country, Biden and Clinton failed you. Biden Clinton crime bill locked up a generation, unfairly locked up a generation of young black men. Biden said they are super predators, lock them up, throw away the key.  Joe Biden is responsible for decimating our Black community.  When Mike Lee and I went to talk to the President about the First Step Act, my wife involved, talked about how unfair it is.  All the families out there, can any of you say your family is immune from the scourge of  drugs, a kid or a cousin or a nephew,  somebody who got hooked on drugs.  This President, I tried with President Obama and got nowhere, This President got  the First Step Act who got years in jail for non violent crimes, he set their freedom.  

And I have a message for those of you who are sick and tired of  both Republican and Democrat Presidents sending your money overseas to countries that hate us, President Trump said and I say not one penny more for these countries that hate us.’

Good points all.

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