Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Poll Cat

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Yes, nothing says topical, post-election humor quite like a quantum theory joke! But considering the fact that we’re writing this on Tuesday afternoon and don’t know which way the elections are going to break, we couldn’t help but think of Schrodinger’s cat in a sealed box and its unresolved state of possibilities.

In much the same way, our immediate political future is in an unresolved state as these words are written…but by the time you read them, you’ll know whehter Schrodinger’s ballot box opened to reveal the electoral equivalent of a happy, purring, pampered kitty…or an appalling fly-infested mix of whiskers and rotting guts infested with feasting News maggots.

(Note: our sincere editorial apologies to any readers who read that last bit while still working on breakfast.)

Lacking the ability to expound further (we actually have a lot more to say about quantum theory, but have yet to meet anyone who was glad when we did), we’re looking to you readers to help carry the conversational ball in the comments section today. Are we celebrating today or mourning? High-fiving or standing on ledges? Beats us…but in either case, it’s not unlikely that we’ll have a hangover today.

And speaking of confusing realities, we’ll end this by noting our baffled reaction to alleged comedienne Amy Schumer’s “get out the vote” tweet in which she showed an ultrasound of the child she’s carrying in order to express the vital importance of people getting out and voting in order to keep unfettered abortion as available as drive-thru hamburgers.

Put another way, even Schrodinger’s box isn’t as confusing as Schumer’s.

It would appear that the Dems have retaken the House, and will be even more annoying now. Idiots, socialists, and radicals will be committee heads, and specious congressional investigations into Trump, Kavanaugh, and probably everyone reading this blog will become a significant monkey wrench jammed into the machinery of America’s recent successes.