I gotta say, this really ticks me off.  Ivanka Trump’s fashion line has been dumped by Nordstrom, and they say it has nothing to do with politics, but it has everything to do with politics.  And yep – that ticks me off.

A bunch of liberal chicks – who frankly, don’t have a sixteenth of taste as conservative women (just look around…they’re the ones in pink crocheted vagina hats – hello) complained about Ivanka being the offspring of Donald Trump, and simply can’t handle that, because they’re a bunch of whiny she-babies, so they demanded that her fashion line be pulled.

Because waaaaaah!

Nordstrom has “denied partisanship in the decision to drop Trump’s brand, insisting the move was made as a result of poor sales months after it was hit by a grassroots boycott started by a marketing specialist and a grandmother.

Oh please.  Y’all know as well as I do that this has everything to do with politics.

“The Grab Your Wallet campaign was launched on October 11 by Shannon Coulter and Sue Atencio after they ‘simultaneously realized they could no longer in good conscience shop at retailers that do business with the Trump family’.”

Well, then here’s an idea.  DON’T SHOP THERE, you hosebeasts.

The campaign compiled a list of businesses that sell Trump family goods. The extensive list also includes companies that advertise on Celebrity Apprentice or executives that have raised money for President Donald Trump.


The campaign name was direct reference to the president’s infamous ‘grab them by the p***y’ remark from 2005 a leaked audio tape that led to numerous allegations of sexual assault.

In November, Nordstrom responded to a shopper’s letter calling for the company to stop selling the brand, tweeting: ‘We hope that offering a vendor’s products isn’t misunderstood as us taking a political position; we’re not.’ 

By Thursday evening, Nordstrom had completely taken off the first daughter’s merchandise from their website. 

Never mind the fact that Bill Clinton has ACTUALLY sexually assaulted women.  Just ask Juanita Broaddrick, who we have interviewed.   Not to mention all the other chicks he’s groped and ogled (including the Trump women – GROSS).  (I guess the Democrats get passes, though…huh, empowered-feminists-in-ugly-hats?  That’s, like, super convenient for you.