As a fairly active and very clumsy person, I am no stranger to bumps, bruises, and cuts. I often get scratches on my skin, whether they are from working in the garden, hiking on the trail, or cooking in the kitchen.

Fortunately for accident-prone people like me, there is a wide selection of natural products that can help heal wounds. If you want to know how to heal a cut fast, look to things like honey, zinc, chamomile, and more.

First-aid 101: What to Do When You Get a Cut

When an accident occurs, it can be hard to know what to do in the moment. And there are many misconceptions about proper wound care. As always, if your injury is severe, call 911 or visit the doctor for help getting appropriate and safe care.

But with minor, common injuries, you’ll likely be able to care for the wound yourself. These simple guidelines will help you to be better prepared next time you or someone around you gets a cut:

1. Stop the bleeding. The first, vital step in caring for a wound is stopping the bleeding. Hold pressure onto the wound, preferably with a clean material such as cloth or gauze. Keep the pressure for several minutes until the bleeding stops completely. Elevating the affected area may help.

2. Clean the wound. This step is often a source of confusion for many. Should you pour hydrogen peroxide on the wound? Use soap? What about tweezers? The safest, most….

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