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Funded by Comrade George Soros, the Move On organization is the Hillary campaign forefront. Move On would ‘befriend’ popular socialist candidates like the old and forgettable comrade Bernie Sanders, to get followers from his campaign. When the time comes, they will jump on the Hillary wagon and make sure that Mr. Sanders can’t attack their true candidate.

Their plan with Queen Hillary for President began after her husband-comrade Bill left the White House. Her Highness will continue the process of change to make the United States into a country ruled by the few, for the few. Classical liberals would call Move On propagandists, but very few classical liberals remain in America, being regarded as evil conservatives or just crazy.

Move On has a nonprofit status. They hold champagne parties, drink red wine with dinner, wear top of the line clothes, and live in penthouses, but who cares? They support the communist ways and they get a pass. Below are some of their names.

  • Comrade Jayne Fagan, the hero of women’s rights and the plague of men. She may have a unicorn, but she is feminist so she gets a pass. She loves to wear red socks as that makes her feel even more communist.
  • Comrade Nick Berning with his lover and husband have a puppy as their child. They support urban redesign for the communist cause. Their marriage has lasted longer than that of Ellen Degeneres and her ex.
  • Comrade Maria Tchijov tells people what to eat and how to eat. She cannot simply stop staring at those who eat the burger. A PETA supporter, she thinks everyone should go vegan.
  • Comrade Ilya Sheyman is running for Congress, paid for by the Clinton Foundation. He will use Move On as a campaign organization which he will use the Clinton Foundation for campaign money. It is not unlawful since President Obama approves of his effort.
  • Comrade Brian Stewart reads newspapers for a living. After he was dumped as a newsman, he just could not get over it. It was his life and the capitalist recession took a toll on him. Poor comrade.
  • Comrade Benjamin O’Keefe don’t know if he is acting like a progressive or is one. You must shut up and listen to him when he is speaking, because #blacklivesmatter.
  • Comrade Anna Galland did not plan to have kids. She was pro-abortion, but now a confused mother of twins, which is ruining her life. Why she didn’t abort them no one knows.
  • Comrade Mark Crain, which is not his Islamic name, is building up the USSA Islamic Caliphate. He pushes a regulation to prevent American toilets from facing Mecca. He also works for Anonymous, but you never heard that from me.
I remember when just served to tell the people to look the other way when a president lied about having an ‘internship” with a White House intern… They grow so fast *sniff*.

This article is republished with permission from our friend Oleg Atbashian at The People’s Cube.