Ed Wallace / Jan 29, 10`7 / Publisher at Utah Standard News

“Every time we kill a child through abortion, we kill our potential.”

Our society is trying hard to teach young women that being “empowered” means having an abortion whenever you want.   Lena Dunham and other celebrities openly tell impressionable young women that she wishes she’d had an abortion, because women who have had abortions are her “heroes.” Mia Love is a hero. This woman FIGHTS for the beautiful potential of each and every unborn child.

What’s really sad is how awful some leftist pro-abortion nut bags manage to denigrate this incredibly classy and moving speech.: “she 8s a phony.””Stop trying to imitate the left. You are on the wrong side.” “Trash.” “History will not judge her kindly. If at all.”

They equate that wanting to save an unborn life makes you like ISIS. What makes these people this way? They love to talk about being all about “love” and “tolerance.” Is this what that looks like to them?

Fortunately the love coming from Mia’s is much stronger!