Martin Luther King

Abraham Lincoln will now be joined by civil rights icons on the $5 bill.

On Wednesday the Treasury Department announced it is going to overhaul the $5 bill. They also decided to revamp the back of the $10 bill to include women and to feature Harriet Tubman on the front of the $20.

The civil rights icons who will be included on the $5 bill are Martin Luther King, Jr., opera singer Marian Anderson and former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt. They will be on the updated back of the bill.

All three will be portrayed in historical moments in front of the Lincoln Memorial, which is currently pictured on the back of the bill.

King will be shown delivering his “I Have a Dream” speech. Anderson will be shown performing in 1939, when concert halls were still segregated and she was banned from singing in Constitution Hall, supported by Roosevelt.

The layout of the $5 bill has not changed since 1929.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew now has to address the critics who do not want the changes the the bills. A lot of people were outraged when he proposed removing Alexander Hamilton from the $10 bill.


new billscourtesy of the Treasury Department


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