President Trump with bust of Churchill in White House.

Latest Presidential Poll. By wide margins Utahns turn to Donald Trump.

Fresh poll for President.  By wide margin,  Utahns  state wide, and in Washington County, back Donald Trump as President in the most recent poll for the week of March 3, 2020.  The poll was conducted by the Washington County Election Board and the State of Utah Election Board.  The poll for Utah was taken over a 3 week period of  over 518,000 registered voters.

Here are the comparisons.  Donald Trump was supported by five out of seven voters in Washington County, including Saint George.  Two out of seven in the poll were divided among some 20 other competing candidates, 5 Republicans and 15 Democrats.

            Statewide in Utah, Donald Trump was supported by 3 out of five voters, including Salt Lake City.  Two out of five in the poll were divided among the 20 other competing candidates, combining Republicans and Democrats.

            These are the results of the March 3, 2020 Presidential Primary  for Washington County.   

Donald J. Trump received 25,746 votes or 94 percent  of Republicans,  the rest of the field, of 5 Republican candidates received 1485 votes.   The entire Democratic field of 15,  received 7,905  votes. Total non Trump votes totaled 9,390 votes,   Total votes in Washington county were 35,136.  In summary 5 of 7 registered voters in Washington county support President Trump.

The 2020 support of 5 in 7  voters is up from the 2016 November general Presidential election, wherein President Trump received 2 in 3 of the votes (42,650 of  60,489 votes) cast in Washington County.

These are the results of the March 3, 2020 Presidential Primary  for Utah.  Donald J. Trump received 285,522 votes or 88 percent of Republicans statewide.  The entire Democratic field of 15 received 194,540 votes.  Four out of seven Utah registered voters, in a statewide poll,  supported  President Donald Trump against a total of 20 competing candidates.  Samples were obtained from every county, and every demographic.  The margin of error is less than one percent.


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