Monday, October 8, 2018

It Only Hurts When I Adjudicate

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The nightmarish Kavanaugh hearings are over, Brett Kavanaugh has finally been confirmed and was immediately sworn in as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

So why aren’t we feeling happier? After all, we won and the Left lost, right? Right…?

Well, maybe not. Oh sure, we got a great jurist on the Supreme Court, but that should have been a given with broad bipartisan support (as has traditionally been the case). We only got what was expected and, considering Kavanaugh’s remarkable qualifications, more or less inevitable.

But what did the Left gain from all of this? Sadly, one heck of a lot. For starters, they permanently stained the good name and reputation of Brett Kavanaugh, who now begins a lifetime of being called “Rapey McRapeface” and being screamed at in public places. The Democrats have additionally sullied the perceived legitimacy of the Supreme Court itself, as well as insuring that in the future no sane person will submit to a similar character-destroying gauntlet for the “privilege” of doing public service.

On top of that, the feigned outrage displayed by the Democrats over allegations even they don’t believe is generating millions of dollars in campaign contributions from sheeple who have more dollars than sense.

But wait, there’s more! Utterly bereft of actual ideas for the betterment of our nation, the Democrat machine runs on inspiring fear, hatred, and division in their simple-minded, hyper-emotional electorate. And they’ve hit the motherlode with their Salem witch trial against Justice Kavanaugh. Men are bad! White people are despicable! And people who think it’s even possible for a woman to lie or get facts wrong are Nazier Nazis than the original Nazis.

The Left is telling the dimmest of their followers (and their number is legion) that those on the Right don’t listen to women. But we did – and bent over backwards to make Dr. Ford feel comfortable and unthreatened while she delivered every jot and tittle of her “recovered memories” testimony. And then, we listened to other women…like Ford’s lifelong friend Leland Keyser who, rather than being a witness for Dr. Ford, asserted that she had no memory of the alleged party, nor of ever meeting Brett Kavanaugh. And this despite heavy pressure to change her story to one less truthful.

Another woman we listened to was Rachel Mitchell, an Arizona sex crimes prosecutor who, presumably, is against sex crimes. She asked Dr. Ford a number of basic questions, gently and respectfully…and concluded that her story had unacceptable inconsistencies.

Democrats chose not to listen to those women, preferring instead to evangelize for a purge by fire of all men, white people, and Republicans in the November midterms.

And they are delighted with their Machiavellian mendacity, and have given not a thought to the destruction of the lives of both Justice Kavanaugh and the likely psychologically challenged Dr. Ford.

Still, even though we’re feeling more melancholy than joy at the moment, there is a deeper and more profound feeling of satisfaction that we’d be remiss not to mention. Specifically, the knowledge that the Supreme Court has just taken a huge and hopefully long-lasting step to again become a moderate body which doesn’t make laws, but rather carefully weighs the constitutionality of the laws brought before it.

That’s huge – and we hope this truth burns those on the Left like Holy Water splashed on those who are demon possessed. Which, frankly, we think is pretty likely to be the case here.