Russ Read on August 24, 2016 by The Daily Caller News Foundation

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s notoriously strict mullahs have directed police to arrest 450 users of the popular apps Snapchat and Instagram for engaging in “illegal activities in the field of fashion,” among other crimes.

“These people were carrying out immoral activities, insulted religious beliefs or had illegal activities in the field of fashion,” reported Iran’s Gherdab, a news outlet closely associated with the hard-line Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The suspects will be brought to trial for their transgressions, according to the site.

Iran’s leadership is notorious for its hatred of all things fun. Six Iranian citizens were arrested and sentenced to one year in prison and 91 lashes after posting a video of themselves dancing to the popular Pharrell Williams song “Happy” in 2014.

The Islamic Republic has strict rules on dress, and requires its citizens, especially women, to cover up. That said, some women have found ways to maintain a sense of fashion, despite the regulations.

Popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are technically banned in the Islamic Republic, although it is fairly easy to find ways to access them. A committee headed by Iran’s so-called “moderate” President Hassah Rouhani demanded that foreign social media sources hand over information on all Iranian users in May. Given that more than 40 million Iranian citizens are online, it may prove difficult to clamp down on social media activity.

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