Invite 7-Sigma Mannequin manufacturer to move to Saint George.

The American Red Cross in Japan uses mannequins such as shown in this 2016 photo. 

This week a Minneapolis manufacturer, whose business was arsoned in riots, wants to move.  The company is 7-Sigma Inc. and the story was reported in West Wing Reads from the mail.White of June 9, 2020.  This quote on West Wing Reads is from the Daily Caller.  

“The owner of a manufacturing company based in Minneapolis has decided to move his factory after law enforcement was unable to protect the plant from burning during riots.” He said that the city’s local leaders didn’t “care about my business. They didn’t protect our people. We were all on our own.” 

The Daily Caller quoted a story, in turn, from the Minneapolis Star Tribune that the owner of 7-Sigma Inc. Kris Wyrobek  left a supervisor to watch his business during the arsons in Minneapolis. When a fire was set at an apartment complex, the fire department was summoned.  A fire truck arrived and parked itself in front of the plant, but made no attempt to do anything about the fire, which spread to the plant and gutted it.

Wyrobek told the Tribune that ‘’the fire engine was just sitting there, but they wouldn’t do anything. That’s the frustrating thing to us. The Democratic Minnesota Gov. Walz and Democratic Minneapolis Mayor claimed response was an ‘abject failure’ and city was overwhelmed. So the company will move and take 50 jobs. The company produces mannequins used in medical training programs.

The 7-Sigma web site has examples of its products. For mannequins used in training for CPR, the upper torso leads to a head and face with space for a nose and mouth.  Small mannequins are used to represent children.

Mannequins are used by the Red Cross for training and certification  for CPR, cardio pulmonary resuscitation.  The Red Cross trains and certifies at American Military bases around the world.

For instance, at the Japan Naval Air Facility Atsugi, the Red Cross had several dozen mannequins for training. CPR is a matter of life and death, as it must be used within seconds of a loss of breathing, such as drowning or stroke.

If this company is moving anyway, come to Saint George, UTopiAH.

:IMG_4363 John Choate Trump Mannequin NAF Atsugi Red Cross.jpg

This is an American Red Cross mannequin used to train and certify for CPR.  Notice the mannequin is approximately life size, and has rubber hair, nose, lips and ears.

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