After creating lists of all the evil people who worked against progressivism in the previous years, the Office of the Mostly Legitimate Kommissar Elect is now scouting locations for Trump supporter re-education camps. The best choice so far seem to be Democrat-run inner cities.

“We were looking for really hellish places. After all, a gulag is not a pleasure cruise. We want them to suffer,” a Biden spokesthingxz said. “We first chose Hell itself, but the Prince of Darkness refused our request because he’s afraid we will steal his throne in an election scam. So then the choice became obvious!”

Everybody who is denounced as a Trump supporter will be “united” in boxcars and driven to central Seattle, Chicago or Los Angeles and forced to live amid the feces, drug needles, permanent looting, rioting and general despair. Their children will be taught nothing useful in schools, only to hate themselves. If they try to better their lot through hard work they will be taxed into oblivion and ridiculed. Their property will disappear in flames while they are hunted by demonic figures taunting and harrassing them. In fact, it will be just like hell – but with face masks!

This article is republished with permission from our friend Oleg Atbashian at The People’s Cube.