Have you ever wanted to own some chickens and have organic fresh eggs every day? Now you can have your own Backyard Chicken Coop for under $250 dollars. Here is a fun project to build in your backyard to house some baby chicks. This project took us most of the day and is fairly easy with a common knowledge of tools and some woodworking skills. We are not going to give the exact dimensions as everyone will need to size there own chicken coop according to how many chickens you will have and the size of your backyard. This diy build is just to show you how it is done and give you ideas. We will briefly describe in each picture every step we took to build a chicken coop. You may also be interested in How To Build A Chicken Nesting Box.

Materials Needed: 4 X 4 Wood, 1 X 1 Wood, Wood Shed Siding, Concrete Ground Pavers, Deck Screws, Drywall Screws, Wood Glue, Chicken Wire, Screen Door Wire, and other misc parts pieces.

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