The beginnings of hardtack go all the way back to the 1100’s. It was and is still is known by a variety of names, such as- pilot bread, sea bread, ship biscuit or cabin bread. Sailors used the bread because it would stay good during long sea voyages. Civil war soldiers carried hardtack with them as part of their food ration. Today, it is a standard staple for those who live in Alaska. In the mainland, it is rare to find it in grocery stores. You can order it online here.

Aside from the very long shelf life, hardtack can be used in a variety of ways. Coffee was often used in the past to soak the hardtack in. It can also be crumbled into bacon or sausage grease and fried. Learn more about hardtack and the benefits of adding them to your pantry. Watch this informative video! Below is the basic recipe for hardtack, along with some alternatives to hardtack.

Hard tack

The basic recipe is- read more here