Green New Deal: Charles Fourier’s Moment

Fourier’s Anti-Manatee
This article is republished with permission from our friend Oleg Atbashian at The People’s Cube.2/8/2019, 11:30 am

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Few of you Fellow Travelers may be aware, but Comrade Cortez’s Green New Deal was predicted over a century ago by the great Socialist thinker, Charles Fourier.

With the abolition of aircraft, how will people get from America to Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, or Hawaii? Cortez proposes “running train” across the ocean. But as Fourier explains, anti-whales shall tow our ships across lemonade oceans.

It is when we approach Harmony that things will begin to hum. A Northern Crown (after the manner of Saturn’s rings) will encircle the Pole, shedding a beneficent aromatic dew on the earth. The sea will cease to be briny, and, greatest of delights, will be transformed into lemonade, for which unsatisfying beverage Fourier seems to have had a marked partiality. Six moons of a new and superior quality will replace our present inefficient satellite. A new race of animals will emerge. In place of the lion, there will be the anti-lion, all that a lion is not, docile and serviceable; there will be anti-wolves and anti-bears, and a whole race of really nice beasts. If things are only taken in hand at once, telescoping various stages, the anti-bug may be looked for in 1829, along with the anti-rat. This is indeed good news for ‘Ie beau Paris, si richement meuble de punaises,’ of which incidentally there are 42 varieties. Our merchant ships, knitting land to land, will be drawn by anti-whales. After these marvels, it is perhaps rather a disappointment to know that we shall then live only 144 years, of which, however, 120 will be spent in the active exercise of love.

And of course, a new lighter-than-air anti-manatee (Yours Truly) shall appear and will carry good socialists on its back from continent to continent!

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How do we know this will happen? Grab your calculators, folks.

This world has been granted a life of 80,000 years; there are 40,000 of ascending vibrations and 40,000 of descending vibrations. The arithmetic may seem weak, since there is also a period of 8,000 years of complete happiness- the Apogee du Bonheur. Doubtless this minor discrepancy is covered by Fourier’s; general reservation that everything he says is subject to an exception of an eighth or a ninth. In all there are 32 periods, 16 in the upward and 16 in the downward ladder. We are at present in the fifth of the first eight stages, having passed through what Fourier calls the Sectes Confuses, Sauvagerie, Patriarchat and Barbarie. Ahead of us lies Garantisme, a stage in which human rights will be effectively guaranteed to us; at times, however, it is rather suggested that we may by-pass Garantisme. These eight stages take up 5,000 years, and we shall then find ourselves in Harmony-indeed more and more delirious grades of Harmony, for 35,000 years. Thereafter for 8,000 years we shall have that lofty table-land of perfect bliss, after which the world will go downhill again through precisely the same stages in the inverse order; and at the end, if any of us are left, we shall be transported to another planet.

For anyone wanting to see more of our glorious future, check out this link (source for above text on the thought of Charles Fourier).