The millions of people, of all faiths, cultures, and races, who died under true oppressive regimes would want more than anything to be here to tell their stories, but unfortunately were not given the opportunity

Global Humanity: The Nouveau Dictatorship

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By Mimi Johnson —— Bio and ArchivesJuly 1, 2020

I decided to re-visit “Chernobyl” on HBO. Americans in my generation and those before me, remember seeing it reported on the news, watching in disbelief. 1986 was a tough year. Not four months earlier, the Challenger explosion occurred, devastating the U.S., but also the globe in the midst of a continued space race.

If you have no idea what the name refers to, or if you are too young to remember it on the news, “Chernobyl” is a mini-series documenting the events in Pripyat, Ukraine, in April 1986, that led to one of the most horrific nuclear disasters thus far, in our history.

What dystopian universe are we living in?

The series ebbs and flows by showing the dynamic contrasts between unsuspecting citizens and the corrupt communist Soviets who were so drunk with power, feeling that they were invincible and their science irrefutable, that they caused mass casualties and suffering reaching as far as parts of Western Europe.

It is an eerie reminder of the continued back and forth misinformation we are receiving in regards to covid-19. “Yes, trust the government scientists, they’ll always do what’s best for us.” “What could possibly go wrong?”

“Stupid people questioning the scientific deities anointed by other mortal humans. How dare you use your brains to question anything?” “Do as you’re told! Don’t you care about others? You’re a horrible person!”

This is how the Ukrainians felt as well and look what happened.  If I could ever give a concise, live action, definition of what a Dictatorship looks like, this disaster would be it.

As I’m watching and browsing Facebook, I come across posts from people on my friend list that continually refer to our country as a “dictatorship” and honestly, melancholy hits like a ton of bricks. None of you, including myself, have any idea of what true tyranny and suffering looks like, unless you’ve escaped communist and socialist dictatorships and have lived to tell your story.

Have you ever engaged people in conversations to learn what true hardships look like? Not just being poor, but being poor and frightened every single day of your life? Not targeted because of skin color, but just targeted for sport?

I continue to read posts of “friends” who claim to be so worried about the virus that they shame those who won’t wear masks, but in the same sentence, say they hope that those people die, particularly Trump supporters, and would snitch on them to ensure some punishment befalls.

What dystopian universe are we living in? Who are you to say something like that while simultaneously falsely touting being on the “right side of history.” Which is it? You’re worried about people contracting the virus and care about humanity,  or you want to protect only a select brood? If you don’t care about the safety of all people, you’re disingenuous and, in my opinion, a bad person.  Does that attitude sound familiar? It should, as that was many dictator’s agendas. Save only those that comply and think what I tell you to think.

In our society, the narrative is totally controlled by the media, not the government

How do you sleep at night knowing you’ve typed horrific rhetoric for the world to see with your name firmly emblazoned on the internet, never to be forgotten or erased?!  That type of attitude is exactly how the Soviets, amongst many other tyrannical governments, felt about and treated their citizens.

A true dictatorship involves instilling such fear in its citizens that they would NEVER form a march, protest, tear down statues, and attack police. They are drones, never questioning anything, not allowed free thought, and terrified to even deviate from the same path to and from home. The police would never bow to you or stand down, they would eliminate all in their way. They’d never be allowed to voice an opinion other than what is being told to them via the government.

In our society, the narrative is totally controlled by the media, not the government. In fact, in a true dictatorship, the media would be in complete alignment with the government, because it has autonomous control over the people.

You’d be taken from your home and never seen again. It is impressed upon me that Americans have so much unconsciously and consciously biased privilege, that we can’t see the reality of the amount of freedoms we all enjoy despite color or culture, even the freedom to destroy other people and their property and our own sordid history, foolishly thinking this is progress. This is regression.

The only dictatorships I see are the ones shaming and attempting to force their ideals upon others, then laugh at them, ridicule them, and wanting them dead, because their thoughts don’t align to theirs. I’m ashamed to be associated with anyone who feels that way, and you should be as well. That’s not the definition of democracy, that’s blatant tyranny.

I have never felt so hopeless about the trajectory of our futures. I have tried to be a bastion of reason, hoping that people would listen and analyze data smartly, not sheepishly, but alas, it has fallen on a multitude of permanently deaf ears.

Our society is being led astray by nefarious forces, having the narratives carved out for us, implanted like an evil seed, and unleashed amongst the populace. As each day goes by, those seeds germinate, causing hatred to continually sprout with no end in sight. How do we truly move forward when there isn’t a clear future to be seen? How is it possible that in the span of a couple of decades, we’ve eliminated thousands of years of evolution and act like Neanderthals toward one another? No more reason or critical thought, just victimization and violence; immediately wanting to eliminate any dissonances in thought.

The millions of people, of all faiths, cultures, and races, who died under true oppressive regimes would want more than anything to be here to tell their stories, but unfortunately were not given the opportunity. They would want to educate the masses on unity and the importance of free thought and expression, remind us how good we truly have it, and scoff at the ridiculous things we squabble about.

I don’t want to erase history, I want to be reminded of it daily. I want all to know of the countless sufferings that allow us to be the spoiled, unappreciative humans we’ve become. We’ve reached the 7th level of Dante’s inferno. How do we come back? What is the answer? I don’t claim to know many things, but a very wise person once told me, “listen and read more, talk less. Talking leads to arguing, this leads to misunderstandings, ultimately ending any peaceful means of societal balance.” I’d say listening more and talking less would be a pivotal start.

Mimi Johnson — Bio and Archives

Mimi Johnson currently resides in northern Virginia and is a native of Mississippi. She holds two Masters degrees and is most recently a graduate of Northwestern University in Opera Performance and Literature.

This post was originally published at Canada Free Press and is reposted here under a CreativeCommons, Non-Commericial 3.0 license.