RMS Titanic in Cork harbour, 11 April 1912

Every Man for Him self – Trans Women and Children First – Move over ERA, Equality Act is here.

            In the book, a Night to Remember, Lord the author, recounts the sinking of the Titanic on April 14th and 15th of 1912.  The ship was advertised as unsinkable, due to its semi waterproof compartments.  What about the words semi waterproof  do you not understand? It was not waterproof, or watertight.  Furthermore the ship’s life boats were based on the English maritime code which based life boats on tonnage, rather than the expected number of passengers and crew.  As a result the life boats on the Titanic were short of spaces by a thousand or fifteen hundred seats.  The route of the ship, from Liverpool, or wherever,  across the North Atlantic to New York City, just after the end of winter meant the sea water was actually below freezing, and the path went directly through the ice berg flow.    Lord relates the Titanic had the new Marconi wireless, later known as radio. And after the ship hit the ice berg, the wireless reached out to ships in the area for help. The plot was used for the movie Titanic.

But the help would take too long, hours away, when only minutes remained. And with the shortage of seats, the Captain ordered the abandonment of the ship.  Desperate and afraid. The families lined up.  The crew used Megaphones to shout orders.  You might have seen megaphone’s in early movies where cheer leaders are shouting into  a cone-shaped heavy cardboard device for directing the voice, to fans at a football game.

The New York Herald. The Titanic Sinks with 1,800 on board; only 675 , mostly women and children saved.

The orders could have been like this,

“The Captain has ordered filling and lowering the life boats. This is not a drill. For the English, Italian and Scots please proceed to the Port Side of the ship and it is Women and Children First.  For the Americans, we received a Marconi that the Equality Act has passed the House of Representatives and further status is unknown. Therefore, American Transgender women or Trans women may also proceed to the Port Side and elbow out of the way the English, Italian and Scots women and children.  The English, Italian and Scots women who can’t muscle up on the Port side against the American Trans women, may proceed to Starboard side where it is still Every Man for Himself.  Although we don’t expect any men to still remain on board, except for a very few crew.”

Hearing that instruction, the panic set in, and men started ransacking the cabins, grabbing dresses, from luggage and closets, pearl necklaces, high heeled shoes, even wigs, to establish their priority for precious life boat seats.

Political Correctness – Women and Children First – Rest Room Rights – Culture War – Bathrooms without Borders

            Why not Transgendered men, i.e. women who want to become men?  Perhaps a few would step forward, but in the end, there won’t be enough seats for all the women and children.  The term is gender identity.

            The Judicial Watch described the current events as follows. Gender Identity Law Declares War on Women, Forces Trans Men to be Accepted as Female, April 26, 2019

House Democrats have reintroduced a bill that would make “gender identity” a protected class under federal civil rights law and force men who identify as women to be treated and accepted as female. If the measure, known as the Equality Act, becomes law, it would drastically impact numerous sectors.

Hospitals and insurance companies will have to provide costly sex-reassignment therapies, employers and workers who don’t conform to new sexual norms will lose their businesses and jobs and women would lose female-only facilities and sports. The only requirement for protection under the bill is a self-declared “gender identity.”

In a statement celebrating the Equality Act’s reintroduction last month, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said this: “To dismantle the discrimination undermining our democracy, we must ensure that all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, are treated equally under the law — not just in the workplace, but in education, housing, credit, jury service and public accommodations as well.”

The New York Times – Titanic Sinks four hours after hitting iceberg; 866 rescued by Carpathia, probably 1250 perish, Isma safe, Mrs. Astor maybe, noted names missing

            American women would be stripped of single-sex accommodations in public multi-stall bathrooms, domestic violence or rape crisis shelters, drug rehabilitation centers, jails, juvenile detention facilities, homeless shelters, locker rooms or group showers. Judicial Watch recently wrote about a separate law that aims to defund women’s shelters that don’t allow transgender men who self-identify as women.

The Equality Act goes further by also stripping a woman’s right to have a person of the same sex conduct security searches on their body, supervise drug tests, handle intimate medical care and supervise children on overnight trips. This is because the language in the proposed law replaces sex with gender identity, open to the claimant’s interpretation, as a protected category.

This would be especially harmful to females in areas such as competitive sports. A decades-old federal measure known as Title IX prohibits discrimination in all federally funded education programs, including sports.

It ensures that boys and girls in elementary through high school and men and women in college have athletic opportunities. If the Equality Act passes males will have the right to compete against females, an atrocity that even the most liberal women and feminists reject.

Among them is tennis legend Martina Navratilova, an 18-time Grand Slam champion who encountered lots of discrimination for coming out as gay during the peak of her professional tennis career in the 1980s. “You can’t just proclaim yourself a female and be able to compete against women,” Navratilova said. “It’s insane and it’s cheating. I am happy to address a transgender woman in whatever form she prefers, but I would not be happy to compete against her. It would not be fair.”

A recent public high school case in Georgia supports the tennis great’s assessment. At a track competition, a transgender athlete easily beat all the females. The mother of one of the demoralized athletes reached out to several women’s rights groups for help but her concerns fell on deaf ears. A conservative public policy women’s organization in Washington D.C. helped the mother express her concerns to Congress.

In a letter to the House Judiciary Committee the mother writes this: “To say that my daughter, as well as the other female athletes, were humiliated and had a sense of defeatism is an understatement. In the words of my daughter, ‘What’s the point Mom, we can’t win.’ Hearing this broke my heart, for my daughter and for all the female athletes, who train so hard, but no matter how hard they work and train they will never be able to beat a biological male. … What are we doing to our girls by forcing them to race biological males?”

Concerned Women for America, the group that assisted the Georgia mother, has conducted extensive research on the Equality Act and recently published a document outlining the measure’s dangerous consequences for women a

Shea Garrison, the organization’s vice president of international affairs, says the bill wrongfully “redefines civil rights law” and “elevates the interests of one group over another.” An esteemed academic, Garrison’s work and research focuses on women’s economic and social empowerment, religious freedom and human rights. Titanic compared to pyramid, Washington Monument (Universal Getty Images)

‘Women and Children First’ from the Kansas City Post.  The next time some littleness of human nature makes you think that the worst of God’s work is Man – think of the sinking of the Titanic – and the order that men gave and Obeyed even the least of them – as the great ship wallowed lower and lower and sank into the sea –   ‘Women and children FIRST!’
There were 2,200 persons and more on that ship – and nearly 1,500 – most of the men went down with her.  There  was pace in the boats for only a third of the Titanic’s great passenger lit The men – and there were nearly 1,500  of them – knew when the last one drew away that DEATH had taken the command of the TITANIC.and more on that ship – and nearly 1,500 – most of the men went down with her.  There  was pace in the boats for only a third of the Titanic’s great passenger lit The men – and there were nearly 1,500  of them – knew when the last one drew away that DEATH had taken the command of the TITANIC.

Stronger than the massive ribs and plates of forged steel that made the monster boat’s strength, stronger than the tall and shining pinnacles of the white berg whose sharp reefs hidden deep in the sea, tore and twisted the steel of that vessel, stronger than the great master who had taken charge of the sinking ship – were the souls of the men who stood aside that others might be saved. Looking upon certain death in the icy waters or in the swirling suction that was sure to come as the great ship took its plunge – these men stood firm and steadfast as the  last boatload of women and children drew away from the helpless vessel. ‘Greater love hath no man than that he shall lay down his life for his friend.’ The psalmist sang in hi wisdom.
Never again think humanity is not worth while. Never again say it to any man. You may be talking to a hero as great as any who went down on the Titanic – fo God has shown he has made them by thousands.  April 18, 1912

The Syracuse Herald – Titanic’s Pasengers All Rescued


Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House. The Advocate: The Equality Act Is Just the Beginning MARCH 13, 2019  ‘’ The Equality Act is simple. It says, unequivocally, that LGBTQ Americans deserve the full protections guaranteed by the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964. To dismantle the discrimination undermining our democracy, we must ensure that all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, are treated equally under the law — not just in the workplace, but in education, housing, credit, jury service and public accommodations as well. Once we pass this bill — and we will — we won’t stop there. *** hateful attacks on the transgender community. The president’s transgender service ban is a cruel and arbitrary decision designed to humiliate patriotic transgender Americans who have stepped forward to bravely serve our country, and it will not be allowed to stand.***  defeating the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act *** ending the hateful ban on transgender military service.’’

A world’s record Olympic and Titanic


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