Education’s Future: Globalization of Indoctrination

Written by  Alex Newman This article is republished with permission from our friends at The New American

In the future, children will all be learning from the same script, literally. Parents will become increasingly sidelined as globalized schools take over everything from mental and dental health to sexuality and nutrition. Indeed, even as Americans fought against the nationalization of education via Common Core, the United Nations was globalizing education and pushing its World Core Curriculum. The UN has decreed that it will decide what children learn and what values they should have. UN leaders have boasted that children’s behavior, attitudes, beliefs, views, and even “spirituality” will be shaped by global programs. And incredibly, national governments have gone along with it.

If current trends continue, the future of U.S. education is globalization and indoctrination — on steroids. It has been happening for decades, of course. It accelerated under the Obama administration. But years before Obama was even a candidate, Microsoft boss Bill Gates — the chief nongovernmental financier of Common Core — signed a global education partnership with the UN. And it is going to get worse. Instead of actually educating children, government schools in America and all over the world are being transformed into indoctrination centers. Using a century of psychological research, these indoctrination centers are designed to transform children into unthinking cogs in a globalist machine. Many of its architects have boasted of their agenda to weaponize public schools against individualism, Christianity, religion, and more. Now it is under way.  

True critical thinking is on the way out — logic, truth, real philosophy, and more have been replaced with emotionalism and post-modernism. Teaching real history is becoming a thing of the past. Legitimate science, too, is going by the wayside, as “science” lessons increasingly focus on the man-made global-warming hypothesis, false religious doctrines of atheism disguised as science, and sexual perversion. Even reading, writing, and arithmetic — the “Three R’s” — are being replaced with social justice, values clarification, and absurd math that confuses even professional mathematicians. It’s by design.

The UN’s Goals
The real goal behind what is taking place in education is more than just mass-producing uneducated people unable to resist planetary totalitarianism. It is about transforming human society, bringing the world together under a single system, and preparing children not just to accept tyranny — but to love it and demand it. Despite receiving little media coverage in the United States, the UN and its sprawling array of agencies have been remarkably transparent about the agenda. For instance, the UN’s “Universal Declaration of [pseudo-] Human Rights,” which declares in Article 29 that rights and privileges may not be used “contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations,” states openly in Article 26 that education “shall further the activities of the United Nations.”

And part of the UN’s agenda when it comes to education is eliminating understanding of God-given rights. Instead, children will learn about UN-granted pseudo-rights that can be revoked at will. The UN is also working to sexualize children, promote homosexuality, replace allegiance to nations with what the UN calls “global citizenship,” and turn children into promoters of the UN ideology known as “sustainable development.” There is also an occult element.

At the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, better known as UNESCO, the agenda has been clear from the start. In fact, UNESCO’s first chief, Sir Julian Huxley, described the key “task” before UNESCO in 1947 as “to help the emergence of a single world culture, with its own philosophy and background of ideas, and with its own broad purpose.” He explained clearly that its outlook “must be” what he called “world humanism.” John Dewey, the founding father of America’s government education regime, had a very similar vision.

Huxley described as “necessary” the “political unification in some sort of world government.” And in a widely quoted 1949 series on using the classroom to promote “world understanding,” UNESCO laid out the means: “As long as the child breathes the poisoned air of nationalism, education in world-mindedness can only produce precarious results.” So, schools should “combat family attitudes.” In other words, UNESCO will implant attitudes and values in children, regardless of what parents want. Government schools are the vehicle.

In the years since UNESCO’s founding, the UN agency has pursued its mission vigorously. In 1990, UNESCO and other agencies brought governments from around the world together for the “World Conference on Education for All.” The main product of that summit was an agreement to globalize education dubbed the World Declaration on Education for All: Meeting Basic Learning Needs, also known as the “Jomtien Declaration.”

In Article 10, the declaration claims that meeting the “basic learning needs” of children, defined as the “essential learning tools” and “the basic learning content” that is “required by all human beings,”  is “a common and universal human responsibility.” In short, deciding what children will learn was no longer to be the responsibility of families, communities, or even nations. Instead, basic learning — including content — was declared to be a UN responsibility. All children must be subjected to “the same standards of learning,” the document says in Article 5, adding that “equitable and fair economic relations” (global wealth redistribution) was needed to meet basic learning needs.      

Ten years later, UN members reconvened to sign the “Dakar Framework for Action: Education for All: Meeting our Collective Commitments.” And again, social engineering was trumpeted as crucial to education. The Dakar deal demanded that governments “implement integrated strategies” in education “which recognize the need for changes in attitudes, values and practices.” The same document also claimed “changes in attitudes, values and behavior are required.”

There have been countless similar summits and agreements since then. In the summer of 2016, a UN summit in Korea came up with a planetary “Action Plan” outlining how to use “education” to transform children into “global citizens.” The title of the summit, “Education for Global Citizenship: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Together,” offered a good summary of the agenda. Among other points, the envisioned “global-citizenship” program must promote “integrated development of the whole person emotionally, ethically, intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually,” the action plan declared, touting the “spirit of global citizenship” while demanding that “education must advance the cause of global citizenship.” (Emphasis added.)

The document reveals that the spirituality the would-be global educators envision has nothing in common with Christianity or Western civilization. Schooling must, for instance, inculcate “a sense of care for the earth” and “reverence for the interdependent kinship of all life.” If that sounds like paganism and pantheism, it should — because it is. More on spirituality later. The document goes on to “commit” the signatories to an educational regime that promotes “a deep appreciation for diversity,” “gender equality” (read: radical feminism), “interdependence,” “multicultural competence,” “social justice,” “sustainable development,” and more.

At another UN summit held the year before, UNESCO boss Irina Bokova boldly declared the UN’s intentions when it comes to advancing globalism with education. “We have the collective duty to empower every child and youth with the right foundations — knowledge, values and skills — to shape the future as responsible global citizens,” she boasted. (Emphasis added.) “We need new skills for new times — to foster greater respect and understanding between cultures, to give learners tools to make the most of diversity, to develop new values and behaviors of solidarity and responsibility, to harness the energy of young women and men for the benefit of all.”

The sort of “new values and behaviors” envisioned by UNESCO and Bokova are not hard to discern. Consider that Bokova, as The New American documented extensively, is a well-known Communist Party operative from Bulgaria who unapologetically served the mass-murdering regime. She was educated at an elite KGB-dominated university in Moscow. And she was a “red diaper baby” whose ruthless father was on the Politburo of the party responsible for slaughtering literally hundreds of thousands of people. The values, attitudes, and beliefs the UN wants to instill in children are also made clear in a set of sexual education standards unveiled by UNESCO in early 2018.