Down Ballot  shortages reveal Software algorithm to flip votes – conundrum – didn’t steal enough.

By Irvan Morizky – 11/22/2020

Algorithm is a 4 syllable word to describe software for the computer. Think of algorithm as a road map. Whether on paper on GPS, the roadmap shows two points which you want to connect.  If you want to travel from your home to the county library, you locate the two places on the map, and then look at streets and bridges which will connect the two places. Probably there will be right turns and left turns, strait a ways and curves, but as long as you are moving toward the destination, you  are making progress.  

Conundrum is a confusing problem  

Suppose you want to do errands, such as drop off mail at the post office, pick up or drop off a book at the library, shop at the Saint George mall, get fuel or gassed up for your car, catch a movie, eat dinner, pick up some milk at Lynn’s,  get some fertilizer at Lowe’s,  a pain killer at CVS, drop off cleaning at the dry cleaner,  check the air pressure in your tires,  pick up the kids from school, get a hair cut, and deposit a check at the bank.  There are thirteen things.  You’ll make your list, then group the places you want to visit, and prioritize the important from the less important.  If your car is low on fuel, that becomes most important, and picking up kids after school is important so they are not kept waiting outside in the weather.  Then  you might use a marker to draw routes. Or, if you have   Global Positioning System (GPS) in you car or phone, you’ll enter the address of the destination.  You could return to the beginning point, say your house, 13 times, or you can move from one destination to another while you are out.  If you are coming from out of town, say Mesquite or Colorado City, you’ll not want to return to the home each time, but will move around town, point to point, theater to diner. 

We are watching play out a massive vote fraud scheme to move votes from  Trump to Biden. The software used to count votes in Wisconsin and Georgia, and many states was provided by a Dominion software company.  That is the name given in the news media.  The evidence suggests that it would move a Trump vote to a Biden vote, or flip the vote, every so often. Let’s guess that it was every tenth vote, so as to make it appear Biden was doing much better than Trump. The numbers are simple, for every 100 votes for  Trump, and every 100 votes for Biden, ten of the Trump votes are flipped to Biden, so it now becomes 90 votes for Trump and 110 votes for Biden, or a margin of 20 votes out of 200 cast.

Software can do this silently.  Flip away, no one knows, can’t tell, the votes are all commingled.

In previous decades, voting machines were used. In  Stamford Connecticut , the city used 40 year old machines. There were about 30 precincts, and each precinct had 5 machines, for 150 machines, which were stored between elections. To vote the machine, after signing in the election registry, the voter would go to the machine, pull a lever to close the curtain, and then look at the rows of offices, lets say 20 rows. On each row was the name of a candidate, and under the name was a switch about the size of an eraser on a pencil, which was pushed down. Up until the 1980s in Stamford, you could have one party line voting, but pulling down the switch for the Republican on Democrat or other party, and not have to vote each office individually. That ended in the 1980s. (The same change, away from one party lever voting, was made in Oklahoma about the same time.) Then when you have voted, you pulled the switch which opened the curtain and recorded the vote.  Each machine would tabulate the number of votes cast, and inside, the running number of votes per candidate. The number cast, had to match the number of voters signed into the books. To game the system, or cast extra votes, you had to enter names in the books, then pull the lever to close the curtain, vote as many as you wanted, and pull the lever to open the curtain. The process took about 2 minutes. So to vote an extra or fake 30 votes, would take an hour. To cast 3,000 extra votes would take some group of people 100 hours, to cast 30,000 extra fake votes would take 1,000 man hours.  30 votes might shift numbers in a local race, but would have little effect on a state wide vote, unless you could get others to do the same in each precinct.  Each machine weighed 600 pounds, and had to be moved by pickup truck or van.  There was several days to set them up before the date of the election, and then several days to remove them. Schools were often the voting places.  If there was a dispute, the machines, which also saved their vote dates and totals, could be recanvassed for accuracy.

Software did away with the voting machines and  the time consuming and costly manipulation.  Software also allowed changing 30,000 votes by a change in the count of the software, or did it?

The plan to steal the election for 2020 by software flipping votes, failed to account for the down ballot effect. The down ballot effect is the top of the ballot. The  Presidential candidates, pull in  their supporters, and then the supporters tend strongly to vote the rest of the party down the ballot. On the  legacy machines, described previously,  it  took hundreds or thousands of hours of manipulation to change thousands of the votes, and machine voters went ahead to make their  choices. For mail-in ballots, the interest a voter has in the President continues as they fill out the rest of the ballots. For the software flipping of votes, it works the same, as votes are counted for Trump, every tenth vote (on so), is changed to Biden.

How often was  a ballot cast just for Biden or Trump?  I heard on the radio,  in one state using, there were 98,000  Biden only votes, as compared to 900 Trump only voted ballots.   The factcheck says, for the 2020 general election, Biden won a hundred thousand more votes in Georgia than the  Georgia Democratic Senate Candidate Jon Ossoff, but factcheck disputes they were Biden only ballots.  Interesting you would vote for President and then not for Senate. Factcheck says it is a Facebook project.

In addition to the software ballot voting for only one candidate – the Presidential ticket – whether Biden or Trump,  indicating flipping votes, there is the problem of software not supporting the Blue Wave.  The Blue Wave has symbolism of a Tsunami washing in from the ocean, and carrying everything with it. I first heard it for the 2018 election, although it may have been used before.  It was talk before the 2020 election, but didn’t happen.  The Democrats have lost about nine House Seats, thus far, and the Republicans have  continued a majority in the Senate.

Why can’t the software used to count and change votes for Biden also pick up the down ticket? Too many parameters.  Each ballot is focused on the candidates by precinct.  By example, suppose there are 50 candidates nominated for 20 different elected offices.  Assume also there are 8 state wide petitions or propositions to vote. There are two options for each elected office,  and each petition which means 48 choices from 58 selections.  You can’t program for the 58 selections, you must also account for the different races.  There are county races, Federal races, State House Races, State Senate Races, school board races, judicial retention races. The ballots overlap districts.  So, even though all the ballots have the same Presidential candidates, the rest of the ballots are printed by precinct.    

Utah has 29 counties. Washington County has 15 Cities, with 114 precincts.

Washington County has 183 thousand people for 2020,  for an average of 1600 people  per precinct. Utah has 3.28 million population for 2020, in a little over two thousand precincts.  Utah has 75 members of the Utah House of Representatives, twenty nine Utah State Senators,  four Congressmen in U.S. House Districts,  41 school districts, 8 judicial districts and 71 judges,  115 county and municipal courts with 81 Justice Court Judges, and more state  and county wide offices.  Of these, the smallest population unit is the local school Board, which covers 6 precincts. The result of all these cross referencing is there are  over 300 different ballot combinations use in Utah.  

The United States had 13,506 school districts, 178 state dependent school systems, and 1330 local dependent school Systems..

Georgia, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Nevada  and Wisconsin have over 100 electoral votes, or twenty times the population of Utah, and hence twenty times the ballot combinations.   I don’t know how many used, any,  some or all of Dominion software.  But, when allegedly changing the software for each precinct to favor Biden and attempt to vote down ballot, that would have required 6 thousand software adjustments, for at  least five hundred election suggestions, for 3 million choices.  This is an estimate based on the 5 dozen selections on the Utah 2020 ballot.  

It could be done, that is the software to push votes for Biden, and also push votes for the down ticket.   But it would require a large expense to adjust each program down to the precinct level. It just was not done, for  lots of reasons, including it would take thousands man years of software programming for the down ticket, and cost tens of millions of dollars.  Top of the ticket is one adjustment.

The result is that the top of the ticket, ‘Biden only vote,’ for  a hundred thousand ballots, is a signature of something weird, including voter cheating to steal the election. 

Georgia has 159 counties.

Florida  has 67 counties.

Michigan has 83 counties.

North Carolina has 100 counties.

Pennsylvania has 67 counties.

Nevada has 16 counties.

Wisconsin has 72 counties.

Utah has 29 counties.

United States has 3,143 counties plus 100 more in Territories.            web site lists customers in 9 of 20 largest counties in the USA, and 1300 jurisdictions. It claims California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New York, New jersey, Alaska and Puerto Rico, plus a dozen or so others.

Washington County November 2020 election results are posted at

Trump Pence received 67,294, Biden Harris received 20,530 votes. Other Presidential candidates had 3 thousand votes, total about 91 thousand (91,157).

State wide Governor races compared, to Presidential totals –  Cox Henderson received 61,125 votes, about six thousand less than Trump. Democrat candidates 16,698 votes, about four thousand less than Biden.

Other about eleven thousand votes. So Washington County down ballot Governor results had only two percent fall off, from President Trump.

State Auditor Dougall received 67,384 votes, ninety more than Trump.

The County Assessor Durrant 75,437, Recorder Christensen 75,668, Treasurer Whitehead 74981,  Attorney Clarke 74203, each received more than Trump Pence  by 6,000 votes.  County Commission Cox 68,933, School Board District 15  Norton 74384, also exceeded the President’s total No single  name voting here.

In summary, the software used to steal for Biden, did not help the down ballot candidates. Lending support to the suspicion of the scheme scheme to flip votes by tens or hundreds of thousands of votes.

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