by Ed Wallace – May 4, 2016 – Utah Standard News

The Governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory, received a letter Wednesday from the Justice Department. The letter challenges the N.C. new law that declares an individual  may not use a bathroom that is different from their biological sex. The letter was also sent to university leaders.

The feds declared that the law is in violation of Title VII of the U.S. Civil Rights Act that prohibits sex-based discrimination against employees.

According to CNN, the federal letters said, “Access to sex-segregated restrooms and other workplace facilities consistent with gender identity is a term, condition or privilege of employment. Denying such access to transgender individuals, whose gender identity is different from their gender assigned at birth, while affording it to similarly situated non-transgender employees, violates Title VII.”

The DOJ asked for a response by May 9 on “whether you will remedy these violations of Title VII.”

Gov. Pat McCrory didn’t specifically respond as to what the state will do, but did say: “A claim by the Obama administration charges that one part of House Bill 2, which requires state employees in public government buildings and students in our universities to use a restroom, locker room and shower facility that match their biological sex, is now in violation of federal law. The Obama administration has not only staked out its position for North Carolina, but for all states, universities and most employers in the U.S…. The right and expectation of privacy in one of the most private areas of our personal lives is now in jeopardy. We will be reviewing to determine the next steps.”
North Carolina has been boycotted by musicians and corporations that have threatened to move their business and events elsewhere.