From The Petroglyph

Monticello Planning and Zoning is attempting to sneak the Dark Sky environmental agenda in the city plan. Planning and Zoning brought this issue up within the last three years while I was on the city council.

After hours of public hearings and discussion on the issue the City Council voted it down. Now in a sneaky underhanded political move planning and Zoning slides it into the City plan they have been working on for years. A plan that went from a few pages of rules and regulations to a volume of many pages of rules and regulations.

The entire thing a waste of time and resources but despite that it’s being used to circumvent the voice of the people and their elected officials. There needs to be term limits and those on planning and Zoning should be required to live in the city limits. It’s time to drain our own swamp here at home and remove those on the board attempting to circumvent the public’s opinion and the City Council decision.