Corona Virus update. Can’t find hand sanitizer? No problem, use Hydrogen Peroxide or Isopropyl Alcohol

Image source March 10, 2020.

The CoronaVirus has already enabled 4.48 billion results in the search engine., and has cause a run on hand sanitizers in the big box stores. So much so, that stores are reporting running out of hand sanitizer bottles.  Hand sanitizers are one means of slowing the spread of germs, such as the CoronaVirus.  One popular brand, Purell, has about 63% Ethyl Alcohol for its FDA Healthcare Personnel Handwash guidelines.   Each 59 mL bottle suggests it has 30 treatments. But, if you don’t have that, what else can you do to avoid infectious diseases? 

You can check with your physician, but hydrogen peroxide and isopropyl alcohol, are available by the quart and  can provide antiseptic cleansing for hands. They can be poured on paper towels to serve as wipes.  Each quart has 940 mL, or about 14 times the treatments in the small bottles. The concentrations for the over the counter hydrogen peroxide and isopropyl alcohol are between 5% to 70%  to 80% as noted on the labels, with the remainder being purified water.   I wouldn’t use them mixed together, but use them separately.

It is that simple.  Many perfumes and  after shave, have an alcohol base, and are also antiseptic.

These quart bottles  (.9 Liters) will have several  dozen to a hundred or more treatments in each bottle.

Other commonly available means to sterilize virus are ultra violet (blue) light, such as are used at parties.   The light denatures the proteins and chains in the virus.  Also good disinfectants are oxygen, direct sunlight (which has both infra red and ultra violet light radiation), vinegar, chlorine (Clorox) and salt water.  Hot water, over 150 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes, will also sterilize the surface of utensils or food – but do not put unprotected hands  in heated water as that will scald the skin.

Soap and water are also simple ways to wash away germs.

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:IMG_6212 b Trump podium reelection.JPG
President Trump has addressed the CoronaVirus in speeches.

 President Trump has mentioned the CoronaVirus in his speeches.