Cis-lesbian fired for misgendering a trans-male rapist

Red SquareThis article is republished with permission from our friend Oleg Atbashian at The People’s Cube.2/8/2019, 7:44 pm

The LGBTQ Commission for the mayor of Baltimore has just fired its only lesbian member, Julia Beck, for using male pronouns while referring to a convicted male rapist who wanted to be addressed as a female. Finding such behavior disgraceful, her former LGBTQ comrades have also denounced her and purged her from their ranks.

The male convict in question had earlier courageously declared himself a transgendered woman, for which he was cheered on by the progressive local establishment and sent to a female prison. Shortly afterwards he deployed his gender-fluid trans-penis to rape two cisgendered female inmates – a “crime” that he, a self-identified oppressed lesbian who is attracted to other women, can hardly be accused of. The real crime here, of course, was the denial of his chosen gender identity by the knuckle-dragging, close-minded, reactionary traitor to womankind, Julia Beck.

The delusional lesbian Beck had mistakenly assumed that being a sexual minority entitled her to stating biological facts without clearing them first with the High Commissar of Pronouns and Dangling Participles. A speedy show trial found her guilty of violent transphobia and sentenced her to the status of a cis-lesbian non-person with the pronoun “it.”

Beck was tried by the revolutionary tribunal at Baltimore Transgender Alliance (BTA), where men with penises who self-identified as lesbian women stripped her of her rank as a commanding lesbian activist and demoted her to a lowly private dyke. The verdict stated that biological sex was a thing of the past and that anyone who said otherwise was a Trump-loving Nazi.

Instead of admitting her guilt, signing a teary confession, and doing hours of public self-criticism, the stubborn self-identified woman took a stand and engaged in despicable acts of gender terrorism and sedition, asking questions that threatened the very foundation of the trans-movement. Among other transphobic things she claimed that biological sex was an immutable fact, otherwise there would be no homosexuality.

This dramatic development touched on the most existential issue of our time: if biological sex has no meaning, where do homosexuals come from? If gender is a matter of choice, what force causes people to be attracted to the opposite sex, or to the same sex for that matter? If sex is arbitrary, what was the fight for same-sex marriage about? Have homosexuals been doing it wrong throughout the millennia, instead of simply changing their sex for the common good?

Most importantly, why do homosexuals bitterly cling to their biological gender? Is it time to sacrifice them to the revolution as crypto-conservatives and enemies of progress?

Please do not try this at home. Do not attempt to switch genders or solve this conundrum without the supervision of trained experts in progressive social science who will tell you what to think, lest you share the fate of the disgraced lesbian Beck.


This is not a spoof. Life has begun to imitate the People’s Cube so much that parody fades in comparison with real events. All that’s left is to tell it how it is.

Lesbian Activist Faces Leftist Fury After ‘Misgendering’ a Male Rapist