Antonio Salazarinski
6/14/2020, 5:06 am

The left creates their own satire about themselves

How fitting…

Seattle’s “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” or CHAZ, to send out a call for food donations after the homeless had reportedly taken all there was. They’ve since started a garden of sorts so they really can be autonomous and not rely on the United States for vegan meat-substitutes and soy-based products.

Now there’s a Twitter account claiming to be the official voice of CHAZ (preferred pronouns: they/them) and they’re asking that any clothing donations not come from major labels, and if you can keep the colors drab, that would be a plus.

No logos? Not even one with George Soros’s picture on it?

6/14/2020, 11:49 am

I could not possibly invent a better satire of the loony left than what these CHAZ people are doing. Once again, life imitates us…

Red Square
6/14/2020, 12:02 pm

This article is republished with permission from our friend Oleg Atbashian at The People’s Cube