May 22, 2017 / By Julie Blaney – Trump Utah Committee, Republican Precinct Chair, former Utah Legislative Chair, author and founder of Liberty Rising, columnist at Utah Stand News

Just when he could have done some good. Just when our president needed someone with guts to stand by him. Just when he could have kept his promise to his constituents and America to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States”. Just when he could have shed light on some of the biggest political scandals in American history, he abandons his post, his constituents and his President! Jason Chaffetz has cowered at this pivotal time when his influence could have helped our president and our country in historic ways!

Here are just some of the things he could have investigated:

1. A gun running operation known as Fast and Furious that was arming violent criminals on our southern border,

2.The IRS targeting conservatives and Lois Lerner lying under oath 

3. IRS director Lerner turned over 1.2 million emails to the FBI, implicating them and Comey does nothing. Is there a memo about that or a Special Investigation?

4. Blaming a YouTube video for an attack on our embassy in Benghazi resulting in the deaths of four Americans when they had intel that opposition forces were planning an attack

5. A criminal enterprise named the Clinton Foundation uses pay to play ransoms for their personal gain that result in Russia owning 20% of Americas uranium and land owners being bullied by the BLM. The Clintons bribe contractors for contracts for their personal gain

6. Hillary Clinton deletes thousands of emails from her personal server and lies before congress under oath    

7. Obama caught on a hot mic pledging “more flexibility” to negotiate with Russia after he is elected! Obama elaborates, “particularly missile defense.” Was there collusion between the Russians and Obama?


Presently Chaffetz chairs the powerful House Oversight Committee. It was under his “esteemed leadership” that his committee burned through 26 million dollars investigating the crimes of the Obama Clinton cabal, and the gun running operation and death of four Americans at Benghazi. What did they accomplish? A lot of big talk happened, that’s for certain. But in the end, the many crimes of the Obama & Clinton cabal go unpunished. No resolution, no one punished, no special Counsel appointed to investigate and congress made promises but didn’t deliver. The only accomplishment was lots of face time for future political ads and sound bytes for media. Congress failed and Chaffetz was the chief orchestrator. That dog and pony show earned him a spot on Fox News. It always amazes me that people are promoted for failing to accomplish results or keep their commitments.

So if Chaffetz wouldn’t call a Special Counsel to investigate this criminal ring, why was he so eager to call for an investigation now? There is no evidence of any wrong doing, so what’s the big stink about? Why didn’t he demand a Special Counsel to look into the Clinton Foundation, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and the Clinton email deception? Why didn’t James Comey bring any of these crimes to justice? Numerous media sources report a leaked conversation between several republicans with house majority leader Kevin McCarthy, obviously joking that “Trump and Dana Rohrabacher are on Putin’s payroll.” Paul Ryan also had a good chuckle at the thought, they could get rid of the pain in the neck that the people elected! It is confirmed that Evan McMuffin was there and the theory is that McMuffin wore a wire to the meeting and leaking it to the media.  When Paul Ryan was asked if he thought that McMuffin engineered the leak, Ryan didn’t debunk the idea but confirmed that it is his name that many refer to as the leaker.

How many felonies were committed in disclosing classified information from these high security clearance meetings? At least a dozen people have broken the law to leak sensitive information. Where is the investigation into this crime?

Where are our Presidents team-mates, his defenders against the corrupt media lies? Where is Paul Ryan? Jason Chaffetz? Mike Lee?

Six months ago Jason Chaffetz ran for re-election and won. He committed to the people of Utah that he would represent them for two more years. A few weeks ago we learned that Chaffetz was complaining about the number of days that he is away from his family and he said he doesn’t want to stay in DC anymore and wants to come home. A natural thing to experience, but didn’t he know how demanding the job is before he ran again? Chaffetz just raised his hand toward God and swore an oath to ” support and defend the Constitution” but it appears now that Chaffetz has more lucrative things to do with his famous face and time than be with his family or fulfill his commitment to the people of Utah. It is a well published fact that Chaffetz has a gig at Fox News.

Well, so much for what he could have done. After all, the oath of office is just a bunch of meaningless words to someone whose priorities are centered in self-interest, blind ambition and knowing how to make sure that the spotlight is always focused on him.

For the first time in over one hundred years, we have been given a reprieve from the constant drum beat of socialism. There is no doubt in my mind that if Clinton had won, 2016 would have been the last credible election America would ever have, with borders open, unvetted immigration and no ID requirement for voting, the hijacking would have been complete! But she didn’t win and we were given another chance. The people found a champion and his name is Donald Trump. We sent him to D.C. to drain the swamp, isn’t that what we’ve all been screaming for? Will no one help him? Is it because they are part of the stench? Would it be asking too much to have his party leadership support his good work?
To President Trump: The majority of people support you and want to stand with you. Take courage and refuse to falter. We pray for you, for your family and for our America!
I, for one, am ashamed that when my congressman, Jason Chaffetz, could have defended you, he instead cowered to the media lies and colludes with the deception of a crime having been committed. Shame on you Jason Chaffetz!
God bless President Trump and may he be blessed in his righteous endeavors and may we awaken from our stupor and begin to clean our own houses. Our Constitution is in serious jeopardy and we don’t have time to sit on the sidelines anymore. Good riddance Chaffetz. Your legacy is one of no action, no conclusion and caving in, while President Trump will be recorded as one of the greatest Presidents America was ever blessed with! The people have spoken and these weak kneed elected representatives have determined their own short lived tenure. I continue to hope that we can find some truly conservative leaders that have courage and want to serve for the love of liberty and not self aggrandizement, that will stand with you and stand ready to be part of the solution and assist in the purge of cancer from our government.

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