South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard, a Republican, officially has no problem with boys in girls’ locker rooms. There’s no other way to say it. Special interests and big businesses effectively lobbied the governor to veto a good bill because of the threats they made. Welcome to cultural cronyism at the bathroom.

Welcome to cultural cronyism at the bathroom.

Yesterday Daugaard caved to those lobbyists and vetoed a bill (H.B. 1008) that passed with overwhelming support from both chambers of the state legislature. The bill would have prevented biological males who identify as girls from using girls’ restrooms or locker rooms in public schools, but it also would have required local school officials to make reasonable accommodations for such students.

Instead of a winner-take-all approach favored by the left, the bill created a win-win outcome for everyone. It protected the privacy and safety of all students, and it created new accommodations for transgender students.

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