Air Force One The new Whistle-stop Tour for President Trump.  What’s old is new again.

President Trump waives at fans in front of Air Force One, at Newport News Virginia 25 September 2020.

The whistle-stop tour is back,  in the form of Air Force One instead Pullman One.  Since the China Virus caused a nationwide quarantine, the issue of social distancing has kept theatres, restaurants, churches, and schools closed.  But for peaceful protest,  social distancing is  not required, probably not even recommended.

In recent weeks President Trump held a peaceful protest, Trump Stump style in Aliso Vigo California, Jacksonville Florida, Atlanta Georgia, Freeland Michigan, Bemidji Minnesota, Henderson Nevada, Reno Nevada, Manchester New Hampshire, Fayetteville North Carolina, , Swanton  Ohio, stadium in Tulsa Oklahoma ,  Harrisburg International Airport in Middletown Pennsylvania, Latrobe Pennsylvania, Middletown Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh International Airport in Moon Pennsylvania, Newport News Williamsburg International Airport Virginia, Mosinee Wisconsin, 

Train and Washington Merry-GO-Round 1950 May 22 Seminole Oklahoma Producer (c)

Picture of the caboose of a train named the U.S. Economy with the Public, as the guy who has to ride it out, hanging on as the RR Strike cuts the car from the rest of the train. This is over the Washington Merry Go Round advising ‘Harry should make Whistle Stop tour through Europe.’ U.S. army has fiendish new war gas which makes men insane. U.S. must use new propaganda methods to convince Europe we are not warmongers; President Truman could sell peace by European whistle-stop tour. The whistle-stop refers to the practice of the train blowing its whistle, as it entered a town to call together those who met riders leaving the train, and those who wanted to board.   Eventually the term ‘whistle-stop tour’ was applied to campaigns using trains to go from town to town to rally the base support.

1960 October 25 Woodward Oklahoma Daily Press. (c)

1960 Campaign Marked by Angry Charges, UPI. Left photo Switch to a Train Vice President and Mrs. Richard M. Nixon acknowledge cheers from the rear platform of their campaign train after boarding it at Washington for their first train tour of the campaign. Right Photo ‘No, Thanks’ Senator john F. Kennedy returns a glass to a bystander after it was tossed – filled with whiskey – into the candidate’s convertible during parade in downtown Milwaukee. The drink spattered the windshield of the car, slightly dousing Senator Kennedy.   ‘GOP candidate Richard M Nixon, making a whistle-stop tour in a 16-car train, arranged appearances in Ohio, which has an important bloc of 25 electoral votes, and in West Virginia’  ©  1960 October 25 Woodward Oklahoma Daily Press.

President Trump and Seal of the President of the United States and Stars and Stripes 2020

Flags blowing, President Trump entertains supporters in Virginia. ‘I love you, too.’ ‘We will save our country and you second amendment.’  ‘That’s a lot of people.’ ‘We have tens of thousands of people here.’ ‘We are making a play for Virginia.’ ‘Thank you very much, a great honor.’  ‘We are the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world.’ 

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