Accuracy in Academia attends their annual MLA convention each year to expose the liberal indoctrination going on in our classrooms at colleges today. Take a look at our archives below:


 – Hit Broadway Musical “Hamilton” and its intersection with black hip-hop music

 – Black Lives Matter street theater discussion

– Professor recalled that Martin Luther King, Jr. once went toe-to-toe with then-Chicago mayor Richard Daley in the housing projects

 – MLA Vocabulary Contest

 – Professors invoked the names of Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray and Sandra Bland to further police brutality narratives

– Panel of professors said they must stick together against Trump

– Genuine Scholarship about Shakespeare

– The Holy Land is a “feminine land”

– Professors’ sense of humor isn’t actually funny

– There is a janitorial workers protest at the University of California-Berkeley

– Eco-terrorism protects the environment from capitalists

 – Humanities PhDs must learn to write better if they want to find work

– Jane Austen apparently “gave comfort to whiteness”, said one professor

– Herman Melville can be used to interpret Black Lives Matter, Donald Trump

 – Captain Ahab of “Moby Dick” is a symbol against capitalism

– The study of gays, zombies and queer literature in Caribbean culture

 – Heteropatriarchy is a key phrase for academics

 – Queering civil rights history in America


– The ABCs of the MLA

 – Anti-Gun, Left-Wing Professors March in Austin, Texas

– VIDEO: Left-Wing Professors Protest Guns on College Campuses in Texas

– PHOTO GALLERY: The Anti-Gun Protest by Left-Wing Professors

– PHOTO GALLERY: Left-Wing Books Sold at the MLA

– Israel and Gaza is like Ferguson’s race riots

 – English Majors Don’t Become Baristas

– “The Hunger Games” is Sexist

 – Due Process Overlooked in Discussion of Rape

– Professors Obsess over Steven Salaita’s Firing

 – Capitalism Punishes the Disabled Poor, claims Professor

– Professors Try to Interpret the ‘Serial’ Podcast

 – From Stalinist Russia, With Love

 – Charles Dickens and Gay Culture

 – Animal Farm, Explained

 – Aging Studies is an actual field of study

 – Inventing ‘Imaginary’ as a Noun

 – Frankenstein could be Gay, says Professor

– Professor Believes Video Games Need More Feminists

– Amnesty International Ignores Victims of Prostitution

 – Stories about Sexual Violence in the Military

 – Rocks are Alive, says Instructor

– Gay Puerto Rican cowboy movie and interpretation of it

– Gardening exposes Personality Differences between Europeans and Americans

 – Environmental Activism Exists in the Humanities