Lemme start here with the obvious (and allow me a bit of pride in my state) – Ted Cruz CRUSHED it in Utah last night. And yes – I contributed to his victory, thank you very much. Donald Trump never stood a chance, despite our local news media falling all over themselves last Saturday when Trump’s plane landed at Salt Lake International Airport. Gotta get those reality show ratings while they’re in town! (I don’t know how local news stations are in other places, but I think ours epitomize the term “presstitutes”. They’re soooo embarrassing.)

Kasich, despite his 2nd place showing, was nearly a non-entity – though someone did write his name in the chainlink fence a freeway overpass in red Solo cups. It was misspelled “Kasick” – but it was there. I wish I could have gotten a picture. It was illustrative of how little he actually registers in the election.

In the flurry of primary election activity last night, I came across a comment that said “Donald Trump was right. People in Utah don’t like liars,” referencing a speech Trump gave at a rally here over the weekend. That sentiment probably materialized in the Utah Democratic Caucus as well – our Dems went overwhelmingly for #FeelTheBern. What’s even more hilarious is that every one of my Democrat friends on Facebook were posting pictures of the lines at their caucus locations and proudly proclaiming that they were all in for the deranged Socialist. Say what you will about Bernie Sanders (and we do. Frequently) – but his one and only redeeming virtue is that he is 100% honest in saying that he wants to bring socialism to America. The sad part is that so many people agree with him, which is why he’s still in this race. Contrast that with Hillary’s Political Barbie act – she’ll be whatever you want her to be! Just give her the White House, peasants!…. read more here