Obviously, at a most basic level Trump was a winner here, and the decisiveness of his ten-point win shouldn’t be minimized. He is clearly the front-runner in the race right now and he looks to have won all of South Carolina’s delegates. On the other hand, it is not just attempting to paint a bright picture for the Trump alternatives to say that Trump’s results showed he is still quite beatable.

New Hampshire was a blowout for Trump. He beat his real competition there 35.3 to 22.3 (the combined share of Cruz and Rubio in NH). In South Carolina, things were much more competitive. Cruz and Rubio combined to take 46 percent of the vote, a number well in excess of Trump’s — and there is no reason to believe that much of their vote, or that of anyone else in the race, will go Trump’s way if one of them eventually dropped out.

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