By USN Columnist Morgan Philpot / Feb 15, 2021

Cross-posted from Sasha Grove:

He told me that I am not allowed to leave the house without his permission.

I will only work when he says I can work.

He has stopped me from seeing my family.

And my friends are banned from the house. And there’s no way he is allowing me to visit them.

When I am out in public, he makes sure nobody can see my face.

I am only allowed out of the house to bring essential supplies to the household.

Apart from that I am not allowed to go anywhere…. Oh… Except exercise. He doesn’t want me getting fat and unhealthy. But I can’t exercise with other people. And he won’t let me stray too far from our home.

He said he is going to make me download an app on my smartphone that tracks where I am at all times and reports on the people I am near.

If I complain about any of this he will gaslight me, make it all seem as though it is my fault so I can stay under his control.

Sometimes he will change the rules and only drop hints that the rules have changed so he can catch me out, punish me and make me feel bad, reckless and stupid.

It’s only because he is looking after me you see. It’s because he loves me and wants to keep me “safe”.

Sound familiar?

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