What happens when REAL Utah Republicans Organize? THEY WIN!

New/Opinion by Ed Wallace – Nov 7, 2020

For decades, Utah politics has been plagued with a chronic disorder among Republicans that only manifests during each election season. The obvious symptoms include the claim “I’m a conservative” by most candidates and incumbents. Beneath the surface, this apparition is predicated by a lack of character and a heartless disregard for their constituents who they play for suckers and fools. The voters themselves have reinforced that position by voting for “moderate” Republicans while embracing the conservative title. 

We keep electing people who are ignorant about the Republican party platform, ignorant about the Utah and U.S. Constitutions, and who are okay with government mandates and overreach. Our elected officials, in whom we have placed our trust, seem content that they’ve allowed us to become slaves to the state when bureaucrats order us around with our daily behavior. The callowness shown by our leaders about their most fundamental duty to protect life, liberty, and property is staggering. Instead of standing by our side and protecting our rights, they seem focused on breaking and defeating us. 

Utah politics are dominated by the Republican Party. The party platform is built ENTIRELY on conservative principles which forms the basis for party membership. Most members of the party are members because the platform reflects their values and beliefs. Most Republican incumbents and candidates know what their constituents want so they claim to be a “conservative”. Most Utahns are trusting and take that claim at face value and don’t do their due diligence to vet their representatives by comparing their stated ideology with their voting record.

Let’s be honest….The elephant in the room is that the rank & file of the Utah GOP has not been dealing with rational and honorable people within its own leadership. The simple fact is that the established elite have used our party as a tool to remain in power for decades…. along with the full complicity of Utah’s mainstream media. Politicians have a legal right to lie to voters just about as much as they want. Candidates who mask their true identity arrogantly count on their constituents being ignorant. Unfortunately, many are.

The Republican party deserves to be led and represented by like-minded people who will stand up and defend the principles of the party they represent and are as honorable and reasonable as the members.

Up until this election year, there really hasn’t been a mechanism in place that can identify a real Republican from a megalomaniac RINO who claims to be a Republican.  

About a year ago, I was asked to join with other conservative leaders in Utah to serve on the Board of Directors of the “Utah Platform Republicans PAC.” Other Board members are Larry Meyers, Layne Beck, Matthew Bell, Aaron Bullen, Dalane England, Brad Green, Teena Horlacher, Bob McEntee, Lowell Nelson, David Pyne, and Lisa Shepherd.

The mission of the PAC is to elect conservative Republicans who will faithfully stand firm for the principles and values of the Republican Party and the Utah and U.S. Constitutions. The PAC has been doing this by recruiting, endorsing, and supporting candidates running for State Legislative offices.  

Unlike an unnamed party that I may or may not be a member of, we’re not just interested in winning elections. The candidates that we support and endorse have each been extensively interviewed and put through the ringer during the vetting process. Not everyone has made it and the majority of candidates haven’t even tried because they know who they are, and they know that we do also.

This year, the PAC has raised around $15,000 with 100% of that going to our endorsed candidates.  

Larry Meyers, Executive Director,  issued this statement to Utah Standard News: “The PAC is pleased to announce some fantastic results for our endorsed candidates, with ⅔ of them winning their races yesterday. Here’s how our 9 endorsed candidates fared: Congratulations to new House members-to-be Mike Peterson (HD3) – 73.4%, Ryan Wilcox (HD7) – 60.6%, Matt Gwynn (HD29) – 76.5%, and Jordan Teuscher (HD42) – 56.3%. In the Senate, both of our endorsed candidates won: John D. Johnson (SD19) – 53.1%, and Chris Wilson (SD25) – 71%! We look forward to each of them defending our Republican Platform values in the Legislature next year. Three of our endorsed candidates, Travis Campbell (HD10) – 44.4%, Anthony Loubet (HD22) – 47.2%, and Maryann Christensen (HD37) – 36.6%, fell a little short in seeking to turn Democrat districts red, but we appreciate their efforts and expect good things from each in the future!”

Here in America, anyone can win. We saw that recently with two PAC endorsed candidates who, conservatives-in-name-only, gave no chance of beating multi-termed, “senior” members of our state legislature. 

Our candidate, Chris Wilson, defeated State Senator Lyle Hillyard, a 35 year incumbent and floor sponsor of the comprehensive tax reform package that was soundly rejected by the voters of Utah by signing a resolution to be included on the 2020 ballot. To save face, the legislature almost unanimously repealed this measure. Hillyard had a dismal 47% overall rating from Libertas and a lifetime rating of 41% from Grassroots

And, Mike Peterson defeated Representative Val Potter, “the longest-serving house member in all of Northern Utah” and Chairman of the powerful Appropriations Committee. Potter was hailed as a “true conservative voice for the people” even though he was largely responsible for the massive growth of government and the budget. Potter had a 50% overall rating from Libertas and a lifetime rating of 36% from Grassroots.

PAC candidates in Cache County out-performed Cox against the Democrats in the race. Cache County has long been thought as moderate because of our representatives. This election proved otherwise because REAL Republicans jumped in, donated money and time, and won! 

The election of these six conservative candidates will add support to the handful of Legislators that have been leading the charge for responsible government and liberty in Utah.

NOTE: Of the 62 yes votes for SB2001 “TAX RESTRUCTURING REVISIONS”, 54 remain in office. Three were ousted in convention/primary, one lost to a Democrat and 16 retired. Twice as many Democrats voted against the bill than Republicans.

Next year, in 2021, every city and County in Utah will have local elections. Hopefully, the PAC will be heavily involved in helping voters determine who will truly represent them, and assisting those candidates in winning.

In 2022, the remaining five Senators who were not up for re-election this year will undergo the same evaluation, as will every House representative. Many of them supported the tax increase AND SB54, the unConstitutional and disastrous take-over of the method by which a political party picks its candidates. Elephants have long memories.

The Platform Republicans PAC invites all conservative Republicans to donate monthly to build up a war chest that will be used to help our endorsed Platform Republican candidates win in the 2021 and 2022 elections. All donations, large and small, are needed to help Platform Candidates win!

Donate online by clicking here: Donate Online Or, You can donate by mailing a check to:

Platform Republicans PAC, 5391 N 2000 W, St. George, UT 84770

Let’s elect REAL Fiscal Conservatives who actually respect the rights and pocketbooks of the citizens and who believe in “starving the beast”, not feeding the beast an “All You Can Eat buffet!” 


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