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Mexico’s government is launching a diplomatic campaign to create a better public image of Mexico for U.S. citizens, and officials plan to ultimately meet 2016’s presidential candidates to further the effort.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s chief of staff, Francisco Guzmán, announced on Super Tuesday the Mexican government will use its network of consulates to help explain to Americans why relations between the two countries should be strong. This diplomatic campaign will include meetings with business leaders and politicians alike.

The Mexican government claims the diplomatic campaign is not an effort to get involved in the 2016 presidential races. The country’s secretary for foreign affairs, however, recently called presidential candidate Donald Trump “racist and ignorant.” While two previous Mexican presidents, Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderon, compared the Republican front-runner to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Guzmán stated that once Republicans and the Democrats pick their nominees, Mexican government officials would like to meet them before the November election.